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Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

1975 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #37 - 39

Back for a few more 1975 Kellogg's baseball card backs.

#39 - Lou Brock

There isn't much room to say stuff on the card back since he broke into the majors in 1961...with the Cubs.  Ouch.  I'm glad I'm too young to remember that.

The card does mention that he stole a record 118 bases in 1974.  It also suggests that he is now a lock for enshrinement in the Hall of Fame.  It's hard to argue with that.

Not on the card - he already had 2,388 career hits on his way to 3,023 and 938 steals.  Either of those two stats would probably have been enough to get him to Cooperstown.

#38 - Dwight Evans

He's already cemented in right field for the Red Sox after a strong full season, his first.

Not on the card - he played 19 seasons with Boston and his final season with Baltimore.

He was MVP of the International League in 1972.

Not on the card - when I was younger I would confuse Dewey with Darrell Evans.  Dwight had a great career with 2,446 hits and 85 homers.  Darrell had 2,243 hits and 414 homers.  I didn't know that Darrell was drafted by the Cubs.

#37 - Garry Maddox

Lingering injuries to his back and legs slowed him in 1974.

Not on the card - lots of NL players had issues with the type of Astroturf used on field in the 1960s and 1970s.  It seemed to be closer to cement than grass.

He was out of baseball in 1969 and 1970.  Why?  He was in the military serving in Viet Nam for some of that time

Not on the card - in English, Vietnam is usually listed as being one word.  Two words ("Viet Nam) was once more common - maybe in 1974 when this bio was written?  The two-word country name is still used by the United Nations and the Vietnamese government.  I'm not going to try to figure out if the word "Vietnamese" should be two words. 

During the off-season he does speaking engagements for the Giants and the San Fran Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

Not on the card - I wonder how that worked out since he was traded in May of 1975 to the Phillies for Willie Montanez.

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