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Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Two Weeks Goes By Fast

I've been so busy and without my Macbook that I didn't even realize that I hadn't posted in a while. 

Today I went to a card show in Rosemont, IL.  I almost went to one in Ohio yesterday, but the timing didn't work out while I was in town. 

I picked up a nice 1972 Kellogg's Clemente, a 1974 Gibson and a bunch of 1971 cards in VG-EX(?) condition.  I don't have a great skill at grading cards, but these were not cracked, had decent corner and decent, but not great colors.  Alas, no new variations but at least I got two upgrades.

Over Thanksgiving I will try to combine two broken Macbooks into a functional one while I await a new one from work.

Back to the show.  The highlight was talking to a dealer from Wisconsin who was more collector than dealer.  He had lots of Kellogg's cards including a 1970 Unopened football set and a large stack of unopened Kellogg's baseball cards from 1970 and 1975.  He has been mentioned in a few articles on Kellogg's cards a dozen years ago.  I will try to track them down and add those articles here.   

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Rough Day with My Macbook

The Macbook is school-issued, so I had them check it out today.  No luck fixing it.  I was able to get the data from the hard drive, but the Macbook is done.  I will need to check to see if they can get me another one because I certainly can't afford something that nice.

Stay tuned. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

1975 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #34 - 36

Coaching has kept me busy but today is my first day of the off-season.  I'm ready to read more Kellogg's card backs to see what they've got to add.  I've read all of these as a kid, but I haven't read them in years. 

Back for a few more 1975 Kellogg's baseball card backs.  I started this a while back.

#36 - Mike Marshall

For younger readers, this is Mike Marshall the pitcher.  The Dodgers also had a slugger named Mike Marshall beginning in 1981.  Their careers overlapped by about four weeks.  The pitcher was a Met at this point.  In the old two-division format, teams only played division foes in the last month, so these two didn't face each other. 

Enough of that, let's see what the card mentioned.

He won the 1974 Cy Young Award, setting records for most games and innings for a relief pitcher.  He was originally a shortstop and he spent four minor league seasons at that position.  I didn't know that.

He is seeking his doctorate and he teaches at Michigan State in the off-season.  Not surprisingly, his hobby is chess.

Not on the card - he got that Ph.D. in kinesiology from Michigan State. 

#35 - Ralph Garr

He won two minor league batting titles.  He won the 1974 NL batting title. 

Not on the card - He hit .306 during his 13-year career.

He attending Grambling College and the card mentions that he's "One of the few Grambling College athletes not to the enter the National Football League.

Not on the card - that is certainly written poorly.  Since I'm not much of a writer, I can usually spot stuff like this. 

His nickname - The Road Runner - is one of my favorites.

Not on the card - when he was on the White Sox they'd always play the cartoon sound from the Bugs Bunny Show - meep-meep. 

#34 - Lou Piniella

His picture on the back shows his grumpy, managerial face.  

A great trade brought Lou to the Yankees in 1974.  He hit over .300, had 70 RBIs and was strong in the outfield.

He was drafted by the Pilots in the Expansion Draft.  The card doesn't show him playing for them.

He was traded by the Pilots to the Royals just before the Pilots played their first game in 1969.  He was the 1969 Rookie of the Year for the Royals.  

Here's something you won't see on the backs of other cards - "He currently operates a motorcycle shop in Kansas."

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Kellogg's Venezuelan Cards - MLB Players - #5 - Last One

Here's the remainder of the set and where they ended up.  I will be glad to be done trying to confirm birthdays. 

A few days ago I saw a set for sale on ebay. 

37 - Omar Malave / Carlos Moreno
Malave - played 25 seasons; never in the majors
Moreno - something doesn't match on the card with signing date and date-of-birth.  I think he played in the minors for four seasons.

38 - Kelvin Escobar / David Davalillo
Escobar -  12 years in MLB; 101-91 record.  Baseball-reference calls him "Kelvim". So does everyone else.
Davalilo - five seasons in the minors

39 - Jackson Melian / Ronald Caridad
Melian - 20 seasons, none in MLB
Caridad - eight seasons in the minors

40 - Pedro Castellano / Daniel Agli
Castellano - 51 games with Colorado over three years; birthday is a day different from
Agli - eight seasons in the Italian League

41 - Edwin Hurtado /  Igor Oropeza
Hurtado - 8-9 record in three MLB seasons;  birth year is off by six years
Oropeza - four seasons in the minors

42 - Tomas Perez / Jairo Ramos
Perez - .240 average over 12 MLB seasons
Ramos - played 16 seasons in the minors and other leagues over 25 years

43 - Oswaldo Olivares / Cesar Vargas
Olivares - 16 minor league seasons
Vargas - not found on

44 - Carlos Lopez / Temis Liendo
Lopez - two minor league seasons
Liendo - one year in the minors

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Kellogg's Venezuelan Cards - MLB Players - #4

I'm checking the next nine cards to see who played in the majors.  So far I've been surprised how many of these guys actually got to the majors at some point.

As I'm finding out, their first names/birthdays don't always correlate with the name on  I'm not working that hard if I don't find a match, so I probably will screw up a few of these.

28 - Eddy Diaz / Marcos Manrique
Diaz -played 16 games for Milwaukee in 1997.
Manrique - four minor league seasons;  baseball-reference lists him as "Marco".

29 - Melvin Mora / Ifrain Linares
Mora - the birthday doesn't match, but being signed by Houston in 1990 and his hometown match the well-known player;  1,503 career hits; two-time all-star
Linares -  cannot find him on; card mentions Cincinnati Reds; maybe he goes by another first name but I don't feel like checking the list to match him up

30 - Melchor Pacheco / Leonaldo Olivero
Pacheco - "Alex" pitched in five games for Montreal in 1996
Olivero - four seasons in the minors

31 - Oscar Henriquez / Jean Morillo
Henriquez - pitched in three seasons; 49 games; 1 win and two saves
Morillo - cannot find him on; card mentions team - Leones de Caracas

32 - Juan Fco. Castillo / Pedro Belmonte
Castillo - cannot find him on; card mentions team - Boston Red Sox
Belmonte - three seasons in the minors

33 - Jose Fco. Malave / Hector Ugueto
Malave - two seasons with Boston; 4 homers in 49 games
Ugueto - six seasons in the minors

34 - Alejandro Freire / Luis Colmenares
Freire - played 25 games in 2005 for Baltimore; hit one homer
Colmenares - seven years in the minors

35 - Jorge Velandia / Andres Espinoza
Velandia - eight MLB seasons; two homers in 174 games;
Espinoza - two seasons in the minors

36 - Edgar Caceres / Carlos Alvarez
Caceres - played 55 games with the 1995 Royals; one HR
Alvarez - two seasons in the minors.

Maybe in the future I will check out the guys with 1 - 2 career wins, homers, etc.  Maybe they hit the homer or a HOF pitcher?  Most likely they hit it off Jamie Moyer.  

Friday, October 27, 2017

50 Years is a Long Time for Anything

Unlike lots of people, I don't remember the first baseball card that I saw.  I do know that it was about 50 years ago.

It certainly wasn't the card below.

I do remember getting Mel Farr and Lem Barney Kellogg's cards in 1970.

I've mentioned this before.  Why am I mentioning this again?  My aunt died this week after living well into her 80s.  I knew that she was really close to her sister - my mother.  What I didn't know was they talked daily for at least 50 years.  That is quite impressive.

I thought that I was doing a good job calling my parents weekly.  I tried to post every day on this blog.  I've failed on both of these things.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Wilkens Auto is Available on ebay

It is listed as Buy It Now.  The cost is $13 including shipping.  I know that someone mentioned that they were looking for this card. 

Wilkens Kellogg's Auto

If I could only get the ones I need that cheap - Aaron especially.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Kellogg's Venezuelan Cards - MLB Players - #3

Back to check out more of the players from the 2007 Kellogg's Venezuelan set.  A few of these could be wrong since birthdays didn't match exactly but the card mentioned the teams that I found on

19 - Jose Alguacil / Wilmer Montoya
Alguacil - 9 seasons; didn't make it to the majors
Montoya - 4 seasons; didn't make it to the majors

20 - Alexis Infante / William Martinez
Infante - he played 60 games in 4 years
Martinez - pitched 3 innings in 1 game in 2000

21 - Luis Sojo / Alexander Portillo
Sojo - played 13 years; 848 games
Portillo - 2 seasons; didn't make it to the majors

22 - Robert Perez / Juan Querecuto
Perez - played 221 games in six seasons
Querecuto - a long minor league career from 1990 to 2003

23 - Jose Monzon / Freddy Gonzalez
Monzon - 11 seasons in the minors
Gonzalez - 14 minor league games in 1996

24 - Marlon Roche / Jesus Lugo
Roche - minors only - 1994 to 2003
Lugo - 4 minor league seasons

25 - Clemente Alvarez/ Jesus Mendoza
Alvarez - 1-5 in two games with the Phillies
Mendoza - 2 minor league seasons with the White Sox? b-days don't exactly match

26 - Edgar Ramos / Jose Luiz Ramos
Ramos - 0-2 as a pitcher for the 1997 Phillies
Ramos - 6 minor league seasons

27 - Carlos Hernandez  / Luis Gonzalez
Hernandez - 2 hits in 18 MLB games in 1999 and 2000
Gonzalez - played for Colorado from 2004 to 2006 --- not Arizona

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Kellogg's Venezuelan Cards - MLB Players - #2

I can't believe that the entire week went by without getting a post done.  Hosting a lousy cross country meet ended up taking five days out of my life.  Setup, rain-outs and incorrect results kept me quite busy.  My regular job also kept me going each day.

I don't know most of these guys well since many played from 1994 - 2005 when I boycotted baseball.  I haven't followed baseball as closely since 2005 as I did from the late 1960s until 1994.

Back to the countdown. 

10 - Alex Gonzalez  / Alex Cabrera
Gonzalez - played from 1998 - 2014; he was the Marlins infielder in the 2003 NLCS, not the Cub
Cabrera - one season with Arizona; five homers

11 - Roberto Petagine / Gabriel Luckert
Petagine - seven MLB seasons and 10 homers
Luckert - played in three different minor league seasons.

12 - Antonio Armas Jr./ Jose Centeno
Armas - Tony Jr.  was 53-65 in 10 years of MLB play.  Dad led the league in HR twice and RBIs once.
Centeno - minors for four years

13 - William Oropeza / Johan Lopez
Oropeza - 10 years in the minors
Lopez - played from 1992 to 2009 without making the majors

14 - Bob Abreu / Miguel Nieves
Abreu - that's Bobby; 288 homers in 18 years
Nieves - not found on

15 - Eduardo Perez / Wlfredo Romero
Perez - MLB player known as Eddie (Eduardo is a different guy); played 11 years
Romero - he doesn't match the two players listed on - based on birthday

16 - Edgar Naveda / Dan Urbina
Naveda - 11 years without making the majors
Urbina - 3 years in the minors

17 - Giovanni Carrara / Jesus Hernandez
Carrara - pitched 10 year; over 300 games; 29 wins
Hernandez - lots of minor league players by this name; I didn't match him; card says he played for Caracas.

18 - Miguel Cairo / Carlos Valderrama
Cairo - 17 years; lots of teams; over 1,000 hits. 
Valderrama - he was 1-7 for the Giants in 2003.  He played nine years in the minors.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

2007 Kellogg's Venezuelan Cards - MLB Players?

The cards mention teams that these guys were on up to 2006.  I checked to see what teams these guys played for.  I'll also add anything else of note.

Card #  /  Player on Front  /  Player on Back

02 - Gus Polidor / Angel Vargas
Polidor - 1985 - 90, 1993 - Cal. Mil, Fla. -- 229 games; 459 ABs
Vargas - minors only

03 - Andres Galarraga / Marlon Nava
Galarraga - 19 years; 399 homers - 7 teams; MVP votes in 7 seasons
Nava - the card mentioned the Twins but I don't see anything on

04 - Omar Vizquel / Carlos Tovar Trillo
Vizquel - 24 years!  2,877 hits; 11 Gold Gloves
Trillo - Toronto is mentioned on the back but I don't see anything on

05 - Carlos Hernandez / Fernando Lunar
Hernandez - three MLB players had this name; he played 10 years - 488 games, mainly at Catcher
Lunar - played 97 games in three seasons with Atl. and Balt. - all at Catcher

06 - Urbano Lugo / Jesus Azuaje
Lugo - pitched for six years; 6-7 W-L record
Azuaje - listed as Cleve.; he played in the minors for a long time

07 - Henry Blanco / Jesus Marquez
Blanco - I didn't realize that he played 16 MLB seasons.  He wore 12 different numbers on 11 teams.
Marquez - listed as Seattle; he played in the minors

08 - Roger Cedeno / Omar Sanchez
Cedeno - played exactly 1100 games in 11 years with five teams.
Sanchez - Toronto is listed on the card but I didn't find stats for him

09 - Dilson Torres / Hector Ortega
Torres - played 5 games with the 1995 Royals winning 1 game and losing 2.
Ortega - played for a while in the minors

I didn't watch baseball for a long time after the 1994 baseball strike so some of these guys I missed.  I also didn't buy any new cards so I don't remember their names from collecting. 

More next time.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

2007 Kellogg's Venezuelan Baseball Card Checklist

Since I don't see this anywhere I guess I will list the cards in the 2007 Kellogg's Venezuelan Baseball Card Set.  There are 45 cards, but each card depicts one player on the front and another player on the back.

Card #  /  Player on Front  /  Player on Back

01 - Header Card
02 - Gus Polidor / Angel Vargas
03 - Andres Galarraga / Marlon Nava
04 - Omar Vizquel / Carlos Tovar Trillo
05 - Carlos Hernandez / Fernando Lunar
06 - Urbano Lugo / Jesus Azuaje
07 - Henry Blanco / Jesus Marquez
08 - Roger Cedeno / Omar Sanchez
09 - Dilson Torres / Hector Ortega
10 - Alex Gonzalez  / Alex Cabrera
11 - Roberto Petagine / Gabriel Luckert
12 - Antonio Armas Jr./ Jose Centeno
13 - William Oropeza / Johan Lopez
14 - Bob Abreu / Miguel Nieves
15 - Eduardo Perez / Wlfredo Romero
16 - Edgar Naveda / Dan Urbina
17 - Giovanni Carrara / Jesus Hernandez
18 - Miguel Cairo / Carlos Valderrama
19 - Jose Alguacil / Wilmer Montoya
20 - Alexis Infante / William Martinez
21 - Luis Sojo / Alexander Portillo
22 - Robert Perez / Juan Querecuto
23 - Jose Monzon / Freddy Gonzalez
24 - Marlon Roche / Jesus Lugo
25 - Clemente Alvarez/ Jesus Mendoza
26 - Edgar Ramos / Jose Luiz Ramos
27 - Carlos Hernandez  / Luis Gonzalez
28 - Eddy Diaz / Marcos Manrique
29 - Melvin Mora / Ifrain Linares
30 - Melchor Pacheco / Leonaldo Olivero
31 - Oscar Henriquez / Jean Morillo
32 - Juan Fco. Castillo / Pedro Belmonte
33 - Jose Fco. Malave / Hector Ugueto
34 - Alejandro Freire / Luis Colmenares
35 - Jorge Velandia / Andres Espinoza
36 - Edgar Caceres / Carlos Alvarez
37 - Omar Malave / Carlos Moreno
38 - Kelvin Escobar / David Davalillo
39 - Jackson Melian / Ronald Caridad
40 - Pedro Castellano / Daniel Agli
41 - Edwin Hurtado /  Igor Oropeza
42 - Tomas Perez / Jairo Ramos
43 - Oswaldo Olivares / Cesar Vargas
44 - Carlos Lopez / Temis Liendo
45 - Checklist

I will check to see how many of these guys played in the majors.   I recognize some of the names.

Fco. was listed as a name on two cards.  That is short for Francisco.  I guess it didn't fit but they needed it as part of his name?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Anyone Want to Trade for These?

I recently picked up a second 2007 Kellogg's Venezuelan baseball card set.  There are 45 cards in the set.  I'm willing to trade them for those of you who are type collectors, team set collectors or player collectors.

Can I help anyone?  Any interest?

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

1975 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #37 - 39

Back for a few more 1975 Kellogg's baseball card backs.

#39 - Lou Brock

There isn't much room to say stuff on the card back since he broke into the majors in 1961...with the Cubs.  Ouch.  I'm glad I'm too young to remember that.

The card does mention that he stole a record 118 bases in 1974.  It also suggests that he is now a lock for enshrinement in the Hall of Fame.  It's hard to argue with that.

Not on the card - he already had 2,388 career hits on his way to 3,023 and 938 steals.  Either of those two stats would probably have been enough to get him to Cooperstown.

#38 - Dwight Evans

He's already cemented in right field for the Red Sox after a strong full season, his first.

Not on the card - he played 19 seasons with Boston and his final season with Baltimore.

He was MVP of the International League in 1972.

Not on the card - when I was younger I would confuse Dewey with Darrell Evans.  Dwight had a great career with 2,446 hits and 85 homers.  Darrell had 2,243 hits and 414 homers.  I didn't know that Darrell was drafted by the Cubs.

#37 - Garry Maddox

Lingering injuries to his back and legs slowed him in 1974.

Not on the card - lots of NL players had issues with the type of Astroturf used on field in the 1960s and 1970s.  It seemed to be closer to cement than grass.

He was out of baseball in 1969 and 1970.  Why?  He was in the military serving in Viet Nam for some of that time

Not on the card - in English, Vietnam is usually listed as being one word.  Two words ("Viet Nam) was once more common - maybe in 1974 when this bio was written?  The two-word country name is still used by the United Nations and the Vietnamese government.  I'm not going to try to figure out if the word "Vietnamese" should be two words. 

During the off-season he does speaking engagements for the Giants and the San Fran Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

Not on the card - I wonder how that worked out since he was traded in May of 1975 to the Phillies for Willie Montanez.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Maybe I Shouldn't Be Checking the Tracking of My Purchase

I bought something recently that I've been waiting to see on my doorstep.  I decided to check the tracking and I found a few interesting comments.

Uncontrollable Clearance Delay

Uncontrollable Clearance Delay

Two days in a row in two different places.  

Has anyone seen that before?  Are there rain delays with shipping like the one today in Chicago?

Monday, October 9, 2017

Pictures of the Corn Flakes Box

Here are the pictures that I've been trying to load.  Maybe I've got this back on track?  We'll see if these pictures are imported properly.

Yeah, I don't like the quality of these from phone.  I will try going back to using the ipad, which doesn't consistently interact with my PC.

I do like seeing these pictures even if they are not great.  Does anyone ever see these boxes unopened?

I just noticed that I hadn't posted in five days.  I think that's the longest I've gone since I started this blog.  I'm not giving up, it is just a busy time with lots of school stuff - teacher conferences at three schools, hosting cross country meets, visiting colleges and actually going to work.  One more busy week and I hope to be back in business.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Monday, October 2, 2017

1975 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #40 - 42

Still no pictures!  Sorry, but I will tell the entire story about the back of the cards.

#42 - Dick Allen

I was surprised to learn that he was only 5-11.  He seemed huge out on the field. 

"Even Richie's famed independent attitude didn't deter him from again leading the American League in home runs last year".  I couldn't have phrased it any better.

Not on the card - they don't say these things on baseball cards anymore. 

"AL pitchers hoped his December '74 move to Atlanta would be permanent".

Not on the card - he never played for Atlanta, who traded him to Philadelphia in May of 1974.  He did play for Oakland in the AL in 1977.

#41 - Steve Braun

Steve Braun 3d?  I guess that he's Steve Braun III. 

He's an outfielder after starting his career at 2B, 3B and SS.  Lots of space on the card back details his minor league stops.

Uncle Sam called in September of 1967 and Braun served two years in the military. 

#40 - Ken Singleton

6-4.  Unlike Allen, I don't remember him as being taller than others. 

He was an "all-round" athlete at Hofstra.  When promoted to the Mets in June of 1970 he had a minor league average of .388. 

He replaced Rusty Staub when traded to Montreal.  His late 1974 trade to Baltimore is mentioned on the card back.  He was traded on 12-04-74, a day after Dick Allen was traded.  I guess Kellogg's finished making changes to their first print run at this point since Catfish Hunter's signing with the Yankees on 12-31-74 isn't mentioned until a later print run.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

1975 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #43 - 45

Back for three more cards from 1975.  Hardly any of mine have nice bright colors.

#45 - Gaylord Perry

He's still one of baseball's best pitchers even at the ripe old age of 36. 

Not on the card - he played until he was 45 years old, winning 116 more games.

His career ERA is among the lowest for pitchers with at least 3,000 innings.  His ERA was 2.85 after the 1974 season. 

Not on the card - he ended up pitching 5,350 innings with an ERA of 3.11.  He stands sixth all time in innings pitched. 

#44 - Catfish Hunter

I've seen lots of this card with nice coloring.  It looks great when you see a nice one of these. 

The 1974 AL ERA leader and winner of 20 games for the fourth straight season, Hunter won the Cy Young Award. 

Not on the card - he had been second and fourth in the Cy Young voting during the previous two seasons. 

He is one of the best control pitchers in baseball. 

Not on the card - he is 50th for career walks plus hits per nine innings.

Original version of this card - the A's won their third straight World Series title.

Second version of this card - "The Yankees hooked Hunter with a reported record-breaking multi-million dollar five-year package after he was declared a free agent."   

How did they manage to get three hyphenated words into one sentence? Is that a record? 

Not on the card - he signed with the Yankees on 12-31-74 so this information is fairly new and there was no daily cable news to report salaries immediately. 

#43 - Johnny Grubb

Hobbies - Golf, Guitar, Collecting Baseball Cards.  That's great to see. 

Not on the card - he played until 1987 so there were certainly plenty of chances for him to get lots of his 1980s cards. 

Lots of text on this card because he's only had three seasons in the majors up to this point.  The paragraph even calls him the "bespectacled outfielder".  Did kids know what that meant in 1975?  How about today?

A natural right-handed hitter, he learned to switch-hit to mimic his idol, Mickey Mantle.  Darn, only two hyphens.  The next sentence reminds the 10-year-old kids reading this card that Grubb doesn't have Mantle's power.

Not on the card - Mantle hit 536 homers in 2,401 games and Grubb hit 99 in 1,424 games. 

There's a lot more.  "John, who collects baseball cards such as this one, ...". 

Not on the card -  Now they've given kids two chances to find that information on the back of the card.  That's information that kids of 1975 want to know.   Not that he made the All-Tournament team in 1970 somewhere. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

1975 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs - #46 - 48

Time to check out three more 1975 Kellogg's baseball card backs.

#48 - Dave Cash

In his first full season, 1974, he recorded 206 hits.  

Not on the card - why didn't Pittsburgh get him a full season during his five years there?  He was traded to the Phillies for Ken Brett after the 1973 season.  

He was a top basketball prospect as a high school athlete in Utica, New York.  Most of his minor league seasons were interrupted by time in the Marine Reserves.  

#47 - Sparky Lyle

It is mentioned that all of his 436 pitching appearances have come in relief.  He had a stellar ERA of 1.66 in 1974.  

Not on the card - he ended his career with 899 games, none of which he started.  

His 15 saves from 1974 are mentioned in the text since they are not listed on the stats lines.  

Not on the card - he had more than 15 saves seven times in a season including a career-high 35 in 1972.  

#46 - George Hendrick

I didn't remember at all that he got to the majors with Oakland.  Injuries slowed the end of his 1973 and 1974 seasons.

He "refrained from playing baseball while attending high school in Los Angeles" and "he had some problems with Indians management" in 1974.  It is expected that those problems will disappear now that Frank Robinson has been named manager.  

None of that sounds like good news.  

Thursday, September 28, 2017

1975 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs - #49 - 51

Back for three more.  I'm not working on pictures until at least after coaching on Saturday.

#51 - Carl Yastrzemski

There isn't much room on the card back since every year of stats is shown.  Yaz isn't letting age slow him down.  In 1974 he led the Red Sox in batting, RBIs, doubles and run.  

Not on the card - Yaz played until 1983, surpassing 100 RBIs twice more.  He led the team in RBIs in 1976 with 102.  I would have thought that Jim Rice or someone else would have led the team.

#50 - Cesar Geronimo

The Reds expect big things from him in 1975 after an injury slowed him in past seasons.  

Not on the card - like Yaz, Geronimo played until 1983.  His stats in 1975 and beyond didn't seem to change much from previous years.

#49 - Luis Tiant

I didn't know that Tiant was released by the Twins in 1971.  Kellogg's said that the Twins thought that his bad back was a chronic condition.  He won 58 games for Boston in the last 3 1/2 years including at least 20 during 1973 and 1974. 

Not on the card - Tiant ruined my 1983 theme by playing his last game in 1982.

Not on the card - he finished in the top six in the Cy Young voting in 1972, 1974 and 1976.  He received MVP votes in all three seasons.

Not on the card - he won 147 games after being released by Minnesota.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Still Having Issues with Pictures for the 1975 Kellogg's Card Backs - #52 - 54

The look at 1975 Kellogg's baseball is being delayed by my problems with getting pictures.  Ugh!  Maybe I'm also less motivated because I really dislike the 1975 set? 

#54 - Reggie Jackson

The card mentions that Reggie finished second in the AL in homers to "Rich Allen".  I don't remember him being called Rich Allen much. 

Among the things that make Jackson one of best players - power hitting, stolen bases, RBIs and great outfield play. 

Not on the card - he stole 226 bases in 21 seasons.  Only 40 of those steals came in his last 10 years. 

#53 - Hal McRae

McRae was "never really satisfied with his assignments in Cincinnati".  What does that mean?  Maybe he just wanted to be a DH. 

He finished third in batting average to Rod Carew and Jorge Orta. 

He was signed as a shortstop. 

Not on the card - he played no games at shortstop even though he played in 1,837 career games.  He played a few games at 2B and 3B, but most of those games were played in the outfield or as a DH.  In fact he played the field in only 17 games in his last 10 years.  In his last five years he didn't ever play in the field.

#52 - Ken Brett

He was born in Brooklyn.  Brother George was born in West Virginia. 

He has nine career homers including homering in a record four consecutive starts.  He batted .310 in 1974 to lead all NL pitchers.

Not on the card - he hit .262 for his career.  He was mostly a relief pitcher so he didn't bat much.  In two seasons as a starter he had 15 and 16 RBIs.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Nice Card Gallery For Whatever You Collect

I like this site even if it is trying to sell cards.  It not only shows a picture of the card, it includes the card number, player name, position, college attended, honors won and other notes.

I also like their set descriptions.  I was surprised to find their note that only five players appeared in both the 1970 and 1971 Kellogg's football card sets.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

PSA Details on 1975 Kellogg's Cards # 55 - 57

I think that the Ken Brett card that I've shown previously might be the only 1975 PSA card I have from Kellogg's.  Wait, I might have a few proof cards too.  I don't really track the few PSA cards I have so I'm not sure.  Maybe I have 15 proof cards and 15 other PSA-graded cards.

#57 Richie Hebner -- the last card in the set

number of cards graded by PSA - 51
10s - 3
09s - 10
08s - 17
07s- - 11
4-6 - 10

#57 Mike Schmidt

number of cards graded by PSA - 122
10s - 8
09s - 29
08s - 54
07s- - 14
4-6 - 17

#55 Rollie Fingers

number of cards graded by PSA - 55
10s - 9
09s - 15
08s - 17
07s- - 7
4-6 - 7

Even though people bought factory sets in 1975, the last card still got some abuse - Only three Hebners graded as 10s.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I Finally Have Pictures - and 1975 Kellogg's Card Backs - #55 - 57

I've got a PC working now and I can easily move pictures from my iPad to the PC.  Back to work on some Kellogg's card backs.  It's time to start looking at the 1975 Kellogg's baseball card backs.

 #57 - Richie Hebner

I like the drawings of the players that appear on the top left of the card.  They included the birthday, which I always liked to see.  

His stats weren't all better, but he fared better than most NL third basemen.  

He chose baseball over his hometown Boston Bruins after being a high school all-american in hockey.  He has worked in Pittsburgh as a skating instructor in the off-seasons.

Not on the card - no mention of his nickname "Grave Digger".  

#56 - Mike Schmidt

He led the league with 36 homers.  Yes, youngsters that was close to leading the league for a number of years.  Not a big deal to hit 36 homers in 2017.  10 guys have already done that this season and a total of 30 guys have hit at least 30 homers with a week and a half remaining in the season. 

He became the first Phillie since Cliff Cravath in 1915 to lead the majors in homers.  It was odd for me to see this card and find a name that I didn't know.  Cliff Cravath isn't a familiar name to fans but i recognize the name Gavvy Cravath, probably from some of those Strat-o-matic games.  

Cravath led the league in homers five times with his highest total being 24.  

Not on the card - Schmidt led the NL in homers eight times.  

#55 Rollie Fingers

Fingers won the World Series MVP in 1974.  His "elegantly twirled" mustache seemed to be as well-known as his success on the mound.

His career W-L record at this point was 44-44.

Not on the card - he ended up 114-118 with 341 career saves.  He started 37 games early in his career, but none after 1973.  He played until 1985.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Welcome to 1978 - I Guess

I rarely bid on individual cards on ebay.  I did end up purchasing a 1970 Dick Butkus card.  It arrived today.  Nothing much to say about the card - it was fine.  I did like the wrapping.

The card was in a top loader, so it was secured quite well in the plain, white envelope.  Like many of these items, the card was wrapped in paper so that it wouldn't move around so much.  When I unfolded the paper I found out that the paper was a Chapter One Geometry test.

After dinner I decided that I'd check out the test.  Did I mention that I took Geometry in 1978?  Since it didn't look too difficult I tried to complete it.  Now, I've decided to send it back to the seller for grading or a nice surprise.  I hope he doesn't read this blog but it is going in the mail tomorrow.

I will let you know if I pass.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Here's A Great New Kellogg's Item That I'd Bet You Don't Own

I was surprised to receive this Kellogg's pillow case from my daughter today.  To make things better, she made it for me.  Yeah for kids taking time away from their devices to learn some real-world skills.

Getting pictures onto this computer is slow, but I'm back in business.  Back to the 1975 card backs this week.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

1971 Kellogg's Baseball Variations

Over the years I've picked up a bunch of lots of 1971 Kellogg's baseball cards in off condition.  Tonight I just found a stack of them that haven't been sorted to check for variations yet.  Maybe I'll find a few more that I need when I get this done.

No time for checking them until at least Sunday since I'm busy with school projects and coaching.  But, I did find a variation that Mark, a regular commenter, needs.  I'm glad to send that along to him.

These fine print variations are getting tougher on my eyes all of the time.

After going to the National and see everything graded, I thought it my cloud my opinion on all of my damaged, well-loved 1971s.  Not a chance!  It was great to look at them tonight.  I was not phased by the faded colors, the cracks, the edges that were probably in pockets, etc.  Would other years look like that if there were no factory sets or mail-in offers?

In fourth grade we brought our cards to school for a long time for trading and showing off our best cards.  Lukily, Mrs. Delaughty wasn't one to take away our beloved cards from the early 1970s.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Rold Gold vs. Kellogg's All-Time Greats - Any Preference?

Does anyone have a preference between the Rold Gold cards from 1970 and the 1972 Kellogg's All-Time Greats?  I keep the Rold Gold cards as if they were Kellogg's cards in my collection.

I've always heard that the Rold Gold cards were more valuable.  I've seen lots of sets that were hand made that contain cards from both sets.

PSA has graded 2,570 Rold Gold cards and 6.061 Kellogg's All-Time Greats.  There are 339 10s that are Rold Gold cards and  1,016 10s that are Kellogg's.  The Rold Gold breakdown of 10s is quite surprising.

Player   # submitted    #10s

Cobb           221            28
Wagner       220            49
Ruth (#14)  214              7
Gehrig        213              9
Ruth (#6)    210             11
Young         196             34
Hornsby      174             31
Collins        171             49
Grove          156             34
Traynor       144             26
Sisler           137             20
Speaker       135             14
Johnson       134             14
McGraw      134               7
Cochrane     111               6

A big portion of the 10s come from just a few of the cards.  I'll need to look at an uncut sheet to see if that caused these numbers.

The 1972 Kellogg's All-Time Greats don't show the same pattern of 10s.  Card #01 of Walter Johnson has the lowest number of 10s with 23.  Cochrane has 37 and all others have at least 49 10s.

I guess the 1970 cards are worth looking for in top condition.  I have lots of nice cards, but I assume that they are all 1972s

Monday, September 11, 2017

What Else I Collect

I am trying to get everything Kellogg's from 1970 - 1983 at least.  I'm still looking for variations, upgrades for some older cards and lots of unopened packs, factory sets, etc.  I'm also always looking for one-of-a-kind items, advertising pieces and anything else unique.

I've decided that with Hostess cards I want the entire box and maybe just the three-card panel.  I'm not as interested in the cards that are cut from the box.  

I'm trying to complete the Sportscaster set and I don't have the three expensive ones - Bird, Magic Johnson and Gretzky.  On top of that, I'd like to work on the foreign editions, but I can't even find complete checklists of those cards.

I'm working on a 1961 Topps set but that and a 1968 Topps set will probably sit idle until the kids go to college.  

I don't expect to attempt any newer sets, but I might try to get all of the 3-D inserts that look like the 1968 Topps 3-D cards.  They've been done a few different times and I like them all.  I'm just not going to buy packs to find them.

I like golf and track and field cards, but I don't see them around much and I'm not really familiar with the values of older ones.

Does anyone else collect any of this stuff?

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Shut Out Again

No, I'm not referring to the Cubs being shut out (0-3) against the Brewers this weekend.  I went to a local card show today and it was disappointing in many ways.

There were probably 15 less tables than usual.  On top of that, I think some of the other dealers put some of their junk on other tables that also would have been empty.

There was a nice variety of oddball stuff from the 1970s and 1980s, but I was disappointed that I didn't find any Kellogg's or Hostess cards.

I doubt that I will be heading back to that location regularly.  Is the flea market season over?  I will need to check on that.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Nice To Get a 1971 Variation That I Needed

Thanks to Lee for sending along a 1971 Kellogg's variation that I didn't have in my collection.  I also didn't realize that we live near each other.

I also picked up a few more 1971 Kellogg's baseball cards. 0-for-7 on those ones.  I've got a lot of variations in off conditions that I'm willing to trade for variations that I need.  Let me know if we can make a deal.

Friday, September 8, 2017

What Other Items Did You Get From Cereal Boxes

I didn't go grocery shopping with my parents much, so I didn't have a lot of input into the cereal selections.  Getting Kellogg's cards was great, but I doubt that my mother or sisters looked to see if the box had 3-D cards.  Instead, they'd just grab the nearest one.  That explains why we were constantly getting things that glowed in the dark, stickers, license plates, temporary tattoos and wacky wallwalkers.

I clearly remember getting a lot of the vinyl/cardboard records that were on cereal boxes - maybe Alphabits or Sugar Smacks?  I bet my sisters could have snagged some 3-D cards if they selected my cereals.

I will end this rant with one of my favorite quotes from an athlete - "I'm not complaining; I'm just explaining."  No, I need to continue since my sisters probably did the same thing when buying Twinkies.  Why not check the bottom so that I get the best three possible players?  I would check every box on the shelf before deciding which one to buy.

If you couldn't get a baseball card, what were your favorite cereal box prizes?  Please estimate the years so that the rest of us can follow along.  I wasn't a fan of most of the 1970s cars that were inserted because they couldn't match the Hot Wheels cars that we played with a lot in the winter.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Check This One Off My List - Are There Others?

I am still trying to find an easy way to get quality pictures here, but I couldn't wait to post even a pathetic picture of this advertising card.  It shows four 1971 Kellogg's football cards and it resembles a ruler.  I've been looking for this for a long time.

 I have a few questions for those of you who probably know more about this than I do.

1.  Where did this item originate?

2.  Has anyone seen any similar items to this one, maybe depicting 1970 football or baseball cards?

3.  Do you any Kellogg's experts?

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Who Collects Kellogg's PSA Cards?

I've got a few PSA cards from buying some Kellogg's card lots a few years ago.  Does anyone focus on PSA-graded Kellogg's cards?

I hear stories that these cards can be graded and later crack.  Has anyone seen that happen?

I haven't seen it with the 10 - 15 graded Kellogg's cards that I own.  I guess time will tell.  In time I also hope to get back to pictures on this blog.  That should happen by the weekend.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Where Are the 3-D Golf Cards?

Next week I am fortunate enough to be caddying in the BMW Pro-Am on Wednesday.  The golf tournament begins on Thursday but the Pro-Am is a big fundraiser for the Western Golf Association / Evans Scholar Foundation.

I've got the Peter Jacobsen card that I showed a while back, but how about some other players?

Will Kellogg's ever produce any cards again?

What other sports should they consider and which players?

Monday, September 4, 2017

Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards Anyone?

When we were kids in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s we didn't have any internet to find checklists.  We actually purchased books like the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards so that we had some idea of what type of cards were out there.

We learned about older card sets and regional issues by checking out books like this and checklist books.  At one point I thought I would complete all sets from 1948 to today so I started marking off who I had in the checklist book.

Do any of you use these books today?  Is there anything new about Kellogg's cards in any of these books?  If so, please send along any informatoin.

Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Kellogg's Hockey Card Commercial

I found this on YouTube today.  I think these hockey cards are the same as a regular-issue with the only difference being a Kellogg's logo.  Since I don't really collect hockey cards I am not 100% certain about that.

I'm not a fan of small sets that differ only from regular issues by the addition of a logo.  I liked Starting Lineup cards since they were unique.  Somewhere along the line they got lazy and starting using regular cards and just stuck their logo on them.  Some years they didn't even change the card numbers on the back so the set wasn't sequential.  I don't like that either.

Enjoy the commercial.  It is short.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Time to Look at the 1975 Kellogg's Card Backs

I'm going to start reading the backs of the 1975 Kellogg's cards.  I hope that they are better than the fronts.  I say that because, just like the 1971 and 1979 sets, there are two completely different looks to the 1975 set.  I've seen 1975s graded as 10s that have great, bright colors but most of the cards that I see don't resemble that at all.  They haven't seemed to hold up as well over time as some of the other sets.

There have been 4,943 1975 Kellogg's cards graded by PSA.  Only 977 (19.8%) have gotten a grade of 10.  That's an average of only 17 per player.  Some players must have very few since some of the stars will certainly have more 10s since everyone is more likely to get them graded.

I was certainly wrong on some of my assumptions.  I knew that card number 01, Roy White, was difficult to find in great condition but I see that there are only three (3) of them graded as a 10.

The final card in the set, Richie Hebner, also has only three (3) cards graded as a 10.  Leroy Stanton only has two cards that got a grade of 10. 

Nolan Ryan leads the way with 55 cards graded as 10s. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I switched to a different computer and I've got nothing on it yet. 

Lots of Going - Too Many Computer Issues

I've been having lots of computer problems besides the usual busy times with work and coaching.  I've got a few new packages in the mail to talk about and something else on the way - I hope.

It took me way to long to get these three lines done so I give up for today.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What is the Big Deal With This Proof?

Now this is certainly a proof sheet that I wanted to get.  Of course this is another sheet that I will never own.

I guess this is a starting point as to why these cards are the toughest to find.  They are all on the same sheet.  Did something happen to this sheet so that it ended up in lower numbers?  They certainly had to show up in the same number in factory sets.  Does anyone know more about this?

In no way do I consider myself an expert on Kellogg's cards.  Please pass along any ideas.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Another Group of 1980 Unopened Packs

I purchased these three packs recently on ebay.

I am hesitant to buy 1980 unopened packs because most of the ones I've gotten seem to have the same problem - the front and top piece of paper have separated or are about to separate if you breathe on them or look at them wrong.

These three packs seem secure, unlike most of the ones in my collection.  Which have all of you seen more frequently - flimsy packs or well-sealed packs?

Sunday, August 27, 2017

I Finally Checked Out My New Unopened Packs

I was too busy to check out the cards I bought on ebay last week.  Here they are.

With my computer problems, Excel isn't working so I'm not currently sure which ones I need.  I' sure I need Carter and a few others. at least.

I'm used to people writing the card numbers on the back, but not usually on the front.  In some years the number is so easy to see that one shouldn't even need to write it down.

The names written on the front?  That doesn't look good to me.  But, I'm okay with whatever way I can get some of these cards unopened.

Back to comments on the auction.  I went back today because there was a lot listed as "Three boxes of 3-D cards".  Unfortunately, they were those actual Topps 3-D packs from the mid-80s.  There are still a few more auctions from this estate so maybe I will find something next time.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

I Went to My First Auction Today

Wow! What a great auction to attend.  My wife and I enjoyed it thoroughly for about two hours.  It will probably be going on for a few more hours today.  My wife didn't even go the the auction, but she really enjoyed one thing - I didn't make any purchases.

There was only one lot was labelled as containing Kellogg's cards.  The lot had a monster box with one row of Kellogg's cards (maybe 2/3 of the row) and Post cards (new ones(, one row of Hostess cards, an empty row and a nice stack of at least 50 Hostess panels.  The Kellogg's cards were mostly 1981, 1980 and 1974 and the 1974s were curled.

Unfortunately this lot was combined with another monster box that had a bunch of small sets.  I didn't spend a lot of time checking out the entire lot, but the bids went way beyond what I'd pay for the lot.  Maybe there was something else good in the lot?

I did learn from my first auction that I should certainly check out the lots in advance.  I will do that next time, which might be tomorrow.

Here is a link to a thread where this auction is discussed:

Friday, August 25, 2017

Ugh.. A New Package Arrived and I Have Yet to Check it Out

I got a few unopened single-card packs from 1976 in the mail today.  I haven't checked out the cards yet because I did something different today.  What was it?  I've been to a bunch of high school football games but this was the first one where I attended only for the halftime show.

I'm guessing that I will be doing this Friday night halftime show for the next five years.  I'm afraid to ask if these performers will ever need to attend road games.

More tomorrow?

Thursday, August 24, 2017

On This Day in 1971.....

Kellogg's should have been creating factory sets in both baseball and football.  But no, they decided not to do that in 1971.

Also on this day in 1971 Ernie Banks hit his last career homer.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

1974 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #01 - 03

Finally done with this set.  What will be next?

#03 - Joe Coleman

Kellogg's said the trade to the Tigers ransomed Coleman from the "tail-end Senators".  Wow, that's not nice.

His dad, Joe, also was a major league pitcher.

He won his first two games within two months of high school graduation.

Not on the card - son won 90 more career games than dad did.  Both had long careers.

Not on the card - Joe (Jr.) had a son, Casey, who made it to the majors.  Casey won eight games in his short career.

#02 - Rick Monday

Stone is known for being the first player ever drafted in the current format of the draft.

He improved his stats in both years with the Cubs.

Not on the card - he played long enough to hit 241 career homers.

#01 - Bob Gibson

Not much to say on the card since he has stats starting in 1959.  He missed lots of time since he had a surgically repaired knee.

He is #2 on the all-time strikeout list.

Not on the card - he got his total to 3,117 but he now ranks 14th all-time.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

1974 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #04 - 06

I'm going to finish this set soon.  I've got to find a way to get all of the pictures into these posts.  Soon.

#06 - Jim Palmer

Here's another Arizona State alum.  He won 20 games for the fourth consecutive season.  It was his sixth straight year with an ERA of less than 3.00.

The experts wrote him off after shoulder injuries in 1968.  He's won 99 games in the five years after missing the entire 1968 season.

He won the 1973 Cy Young Award.

Not on the card - he won the Cy Young Award in 1975 and 1976 too.

#05 - Carlton Fisk

His batting average dropped from his rookie season, but he's one of the best catchers in the game.  The text mentions that he led the team with 27 homers, but the stats correctly show him with 26.  Was this corrected?

He fulfilled his military obligation before joining the minor league affiliate of the Red Sox.

He had the most steals of any AL catcher - seven.

Not on the card - he had 128 career steals including 17 in a season twice.

#04 - Bert Campaneris

He always seemed small on the field when I watched on television, but at 5-10 and 155 pounds he wasn't much different from me in the late 1970s.

Kellogg's says that the stats don't tell the story because Campy does it all.

Not on the card - I was surprised to see that he received MVP votes in eight different seasons from 1965 to 1975.

Monday, August 21, 2017

1974 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #07 - 09

Getting to the end of a look at the backs of the 1974 Kellogg's baseball cards.  I'm struggling to find cards 01 to 09 without cracks.  If you've got extras I would certainly trade for them.

#09 - Greg Luzinski

He easily led the team in homers and RBIs for the second straight year.

Not on the card - he led with only 18 HR and 68 RBIs in 1972.  Ouch!  That's why the team won only 59 games and everyone talks about how Steve Carlton won most of those games.

The Phillies had to outbid lots of college football programs for Luzinski.

Not on the card - "outbidding" certainly is a big thing in college football today.

#08 - Nolan Ryan

Lots of people see the Bill Singer card and assume it is Nolan Ryan after a quick glance.

He set the single-season strikeout record with 383.  He is still bothered by wildness as shown by his 163 walks - 162 on the stat line.   Was that corrected?

Not on the card - credits him with 162 Ks in 1973.

"If he stays healthy, no pitching record is beyond his reach".

He is the career leader in walks and strikeouts.

#07 - Ron Santo

He takes his game to the AL after a trade to the White Sox.  Not much else to say on the back because his MLB career began in 1960.

Not on the card - he received MVP votes every year from 1963 to 1969.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

1974 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #10 - 12

Hold on.  Roy Hobbs is up.  Don't tell me what happens.  They play during lightning storms?  We have an automatic 30-minute delay whenever thunder or lightning is encountered.

Back to the 1974 Kellogg's baseball card backs.

#12 - Bill Singer

The move from Los Angeles to California (Anaheim) worked well as Singer became a 20-game winner for the Angels.  He had won 20 games once with the Dodgers in a long, injury-filled career.

He pitched a no-hitter in 1970.

Not on the card - he was an all-star twice.

Not on the card - here is another guy who was selected in an expansion draft - he was taken by Toronto in 1976.  I should see how many guys from these drafts are in Kellogg's sets.

#11 - Bob Watson

The Astros struggled to find a position for Watson.  Does that mean he didn't field well?  They tried him at catcher, outfielder, third base and first base.  He focused on left field in 1973 and he had a great season.

Not on the card - the outfield didn't end up being his spot.  He played about 2/3 of his career games at first base, which is where I remember him.

#10 - Buddy Bell

Buddy is expected to be a big star.  He led the team in most stats in 1973.  His father, Gus Bell, had a 14-year NL career.

The text focuses a lot on his minor league success since he'd only been in the majors for two years when this card was printed.

Not on the card - Buddy played 18 seasons and hit 201 homers.  Gus Bell topped his son by five homers, hitting 206.

Not on the card - two of Buddy's kids, David and Mike, played in the majors.  Mike hit two homers in his short MLB season and David hit 123 in 12 seasons.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

1974 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #13 - 15

Here come three more from the 1974 Kellogg's baseball card set.

#15 - Manny Sanguillen

Not often back then did we see a player's position listed as catcher / outfielder.  His hobbies include playing the guitar.

It is mentioned that he was the replacement for his close friend Roberto Clemente in right field.  The 1973 card projected that move.  He played 59 games in right field in 1973.

In a sentence filled with randomness, Manny is one of the fastest-running catchers, he was an amateur boxer and he teaches the bible to kids in Pan American missions.

Not on the card - he received MVP votes in four different seasons.

#14 - Jim Brewer

Brewer is listed as a relief pitcher.  I don't know how often that was specified on a card since most guys are just listed as pitchers.

He is mentioned as one of baseball's best relief pitchers.  Not much else on the back since he'd been in the league since 1960.  His last game was in 1976.

Not on the card - he died in 1987 in a car accident.

#13 - Dave May

May's got a unique middle name - LaFrance.  He's listed as an avid pro basketball fan.  I don't remember seeing anything like that elsewhere.

He's from Delaware.  In Wayne's World Wayne mentions in a most boring voice "Hi, I'm in Delaware".  If you don't know the movie, watch it sometime.

Not on the card - he's the father of Derrick May.  Dad was a one-time all-star with 96 career homers.  I was guessing that son hit more, but Derrick only hit 52 homers.

Friday, August 18, 2017

1974 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #16 - 18

Back for more about the 1974 Kellogg's set.

#18 -  Ed Goodson

He was still a Giants prospect at this time.  He hit .302 in 102 games.  It is assumed that he will take over at first base for Willie McCovey.

Not on the card - he never got over 300 official at-bats again in his career.

Not on the card - McCovey was still playing after Goodson's career ended.

# 17 - Amos Otis

Otis added muscle to his game in 1973.  He hit 26 HRs, had 93 RBIs and batted .300.  He was one of only seven .300 hitters in 1973.

Not on the card - he was third in the MVP voting in 1973.

Not on the card - he was a five-time all-star and three-time Gold Glove award winner.

#16 - Jeff Burroughs

Burroughs pitched his high school team in CA to a city title.

Not on the card - his son pitched his team to a Little League World Series title, right?

He led the team in homers and RBIs.

Not on the card - he won the AL MVP award in 1974.

Not on the card - he out-homered his son 240-12.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Now I Only Need 10 Unopened 1972 Kellogg's Cards

Unfortunately, these 10 are probably not going to be easy to get at a decent price.  I just picked up two to get to this point.  Since that took a few years, I'm probably going to complete this set in 5-6 years.  That's okay by me.

#01 Seaver
#06 Rose
#20 Jackson
#26 Gibson
#46 B. Williams
#47 Marichal
#48 Brock
#49 Clemente
#53 Stargell
#54 Mays

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

1974 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #19 - 21

Another busy school today but here are my comments on the 1974 Kellogg's baseball card backs.

#21 - Ted Simmons

It is mentioned three times on the back of the card that he is a switch hitter.   He hit over .300 for the second year in a row and led the Cardinals in RBIs for the second year in a row.

Not on the card - he hit .300 four more times and batted .285 over his 21-year career.   He surpassed 100 RBIs three times.

Not on the card - he received MVP votes in seven seasons and he was an all-star eight times.

#20 - Reggie Jackson

Simmons and Jackson both played 21 seasons.  I didn't remember that Jackson missed the 1972 World Series.  Why did I forget that?  World Series games were still during the day, right?

He led the league in homers and RBIs in 1973 and he hit the big homer in game seven against the Mets.  He earned MVP honors for his 1973 season.

Kellogg's said he had the strongest arm in baseball.

Not on the card - he led the AL in outfield assists twice and he ranks 26th in career outfield assists.

#19 - Nate Colbert

His hobbies include cards and checkers.   He probably liked board games too.

He is the "tail end Padres' perennial all-star representative".   So, they are saying the Padres aren't very good?  He was an all-star from 1971 - 1973.

The St. Louis native was drafted by the Cardinals.  He ended up with Houston and then was selected by the Padres in the Expansion Draft of 1968.

Not on the card - Colbert played 10 years.  I was expecting to see a bigger number.

My favorite part of the card is the last line - "In December 1973 the National League voted to transfer the Padres to Washington, D.C., a move contested by the City of San Diego".  The card still displays the Padres logo.  Too bad they didn't make that a Washington card like Topps did.

I doubt that anyone younger is reading this, but the Padres didn't move to D.C.  They are still in San Diego.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

1974 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #22 - 24

Back in action with a few more card backs from 1974 Kellogg's.

#24 - Orlando Cepeda

Another player listed as a Designated Hitter after the first year of its existence.  He had a good year for his age.

Not on the card - he was released by the Red Sox in March of 1974.  He played 33 games for the Royals and his career ended at age 37 with 379 homers.

Not on the card - his stats from show him playing no games in the field during both 1973 and 1974.

#23 - Willie Horton

"Although he doesn't look it, Willie is one of the strongest men in baseball".  Huh?  He always looked like a big hitter to me.

He was a high school star in Detroit.  He ended up playing 15 seasons with the Tigers.

Not on the card - his best RBI season was 1979 at the end of his career.  Not bad for a guy who made his debut in 1963.

#22 - Bobby Murcer

Murcer was signed by Tom Greenwade who also signed Mickey Mantle.  After two years in the service Murcer replaced Mantle.  The card mentions that Murcer failed to lead the Yankees to a World Series title in 1973.

Not on the card - Murcer was expected to be the next Mantle, so he was considered a failure in NYC.

Not on the card - he was a five-time all-star who hit 252 career homers.

Monday, August 14, 2017

1974 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs #25 - 27

Back to the 1974s.  Not my favorite trio of cards.  I will try to get the pictures going soon on this.

#27 - Ron Fairly

Not much on the back of his card because he played from age 20 to age 40.  It does add a one-liner that made me laugh - "If the NL ever embraces the Designated Hitter, Fairly might never retire."  So, are they saying that he's not much of an outfielder, he's just old or both?

Not on the card - only eight times in his career did he reach 500 plate appearances.  He did get 1,913 hits in 21 seasons.

#26 - Wayne Twitchell

I didn't remember that he was 6-6.  Too bad he didn't get into the league in the late 1960s with the higher mound.  He was a 1973 All-Star.

He is studying for a Physical Education degree at Portland State.

Not on the card - he was from Portland (OR) which is probably why he took courses there.  He died in Portland in 2010 or cancer.

#25 - Ron Hunt

He played for a lot of teams during an era that didn't include free agency.  Another older guy, he was first signed in 1959.  He had knee issues that required surgery after the 1973 season.

Not on the card - he led the league in being hit by pitch seven years in a row (1968 - 1974).  Maybe that's why his knee was injured.  He is now 6th all-time in this category.

Something I Hadn't Heard About the 1968 Topps 3-D Cards

The article below talks about the 1968 Topps 3-D cards.  Sure, I'd heard that they were distributed in the New York City area.  I also have mentioned the test cards that have appeared including Brooks Robinson and Rick Monday.

The article below mentions that there was a test card of an Italian soccer player.  That's one I haven't seen or heard of before.  Does anyone know about that?

I will keep finding reasons to write about these cards just so I can post pictures of this Boog Powell.  Sure, it would be great to have the Clemente card, but this is a fantastic card.  Do I care that it is graded as a '3'?  Not at all.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Kellogg's Cards on

Should I check out the 2,400+ Kellogg's cards that appear on  I'd love to hear your thoughts since I've been on this page but I haven't purchased anything.

Friday, August 11, 2017

SGC Population Report

I found out that the SGC Population Report can also be viewed online without being a member.  Here is the link -

There have been 122 1968 Topps 3-D cards graded by SGC.  Is it likely that some of them have been opened and sent to PSA?

Are there other grading companies besides these two and Beckett?

Thursday, August 10, 2017

More About the 1968 Topps 3-D Cards

I rarely see a 1968 Topps 3-D card that is not graded.

Here are the totals from PSA.

571 cards have been graded.

Those with only one are Rick Monday, Tommy Davis and John O'Donogue.   These three were found without a team designation so they might be some kind of prototypes.  I don't know why they are not listed as such like the Brooks Robinson.  I have seen two of these three on a sheet at the National.  Luckily, I took a picture.

Check out how different the O'Donogue and Tommy Davis look.

There is also a Brooks Robinson prototype with only one graded.  It was not included in this count as it is listed separately by PSA.

26 - Boog Powell

28 - Mel Stottlemyre

32 - Jim Lonborg

32 - Rusty Staub

36 - Curt Flood

36 - Ron Swoboda

48 - Bill Robinson

51 - Roberto Clemente

56 - Tony Perez

67 - Jim Maloney (includes both variations)

78 - Willie Davis

78 - Ron Fairly

Are there many of these cards not graded?  Are there many graded by the other grading services?  If anyone is a member of the other services please let me know what numbers you see there.

It was great to hold onto both of these items at the National two years ago.  I won't ever own these unless I will the lottery.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

This Helped Make it a Good Day

This morning was difficult.  Today we started fall sports.  Lots of kids didn't show up, others were missing paperwork and another group of them proved that they are not in shape.  Lots to do with this team in the next two months.

I certainly had a different attitude when I got home.  This card was waiting for me.  Now I have two cards from this set.  I don'e envision getting many more of them because they are out of my price range.  

*** update -- I get these cards so infrequently that I didn't even remember that I have two of these plus two proofs from the collection of an Xograph employee.  I don't know if the proofs are different than the cards issued in this set.  Is that where the distinction is with the card backs?  I will need to check this out.

I really should take the time to get a good image of this card on the blog.  It really does look great.  

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

1971 Kellogg's Baseball Variations Part 2

I have 57 cards with the "Xograph" copyright, as mentioned in yesterday's post.  I have all 75 different cards with "1970 Xograph" in the copyright.  That makes the total 132 variations.  Then I've got another 22 cards with the "1970 Xograph" copyright that differ in some way from the other "1970 Xograph" card.

Most of the variations relate to totals that were corrected on the stats line.  There are a few others that I will detail when I finalize what I need to complete the master set.

Monday, August 7, 2017

1971 Kellogg's Baseball Variations Want List Part 1

I mentioned that I have 154 different 1971 Kellogg's baseball cards.  That's only because I'm looking at all possible variations, even if it just involves the copyright line.  These cards come with two different copyright lines.  One has the "1970 Xograph" and the other omits the date and begins with "Xograph".

For the first time, I decided to check out just the copyrights without looking at the many other variations in text, stats, logos, etc.  It turns out that I have at least one variation of each card with the "1970 Xograph" copyright.  Are there more plentiful?  I will need to check that out in the future.

I am missing 18 cards with the "Xograph" copyright.  I'm looking for any condition.  Let me know if you have these.  I probably have some other variations that I could trade.

05 Clemente
06 G. Perry
10 Mays
15 F. Robinson
25 Merritt
30 Cater
33 McCovey
35 Blair
40 Stottlemyre
44 Kaline
45 C. May
50 Banks
54 A. Johnson
55 Killebrew
60 Palmer
62 Torre
65 Rose
73 Monday

Sunday, August 6, 2017

1981 Uncut Sheet Part 2

This is still available online.  is $30.00 too much for something that seems to display well.  Do some of you have this already?

Sorry, this is the image from the ebay listing.  I haven't taken a picture of mine yet.

Were sheets like this available via a mail-in offer during other years?

Saturday, August 5, 2017

World's Longest Yard Sale Finds

I spent part of Friday and Saturday traveling along the World's Largest Yard Sale in Ohio and Kentucky.  We had lots of fun looking at an incredible variety of items and talking to people from all over the map.

On day one the only Kellogg's cards I saw were a few 1981s and 1992 all-star set.  Luckily, on day two I found a small lot of oldest cards.  Of course they are curled as badly as one would expect.

It turns out that I didn't need any of the 1971 variations.  I am stuck on 154 different cards.

There are a few things from my childhood that I've been searching for - when the price is within reason of course.  Number one on that list is an MLB Standings Board from the 1970s with the magnets.  I saw a similar NFL one at the National.  

One of the next ones on my list turned up at the Yard Sale and the price was right.  So now I own another old game that I plan to play with my kids, and probably when no one is home.  Does anyone remember this one?  Rebound was a family favorite.  There aren't a lot of pieces and the board is really solid, so I don't know why it took so long to find it.  Maybe the flimsy box?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kellogg's Proof Cards Checklist?

Has anyone gotten Kellogg's proof cards?  I see a few available on ebay, but I didn't see any at the show.

I'm really interested in finding proof cards that vary in some way from the actual card issued.  I'm also chasing any proof cards of players that ended up not being included in the set.

Has anyone even seen a checklist of proof cards?

This is the only proof card that I have that isn't part of the actual set (1970 Staub Proof).  I've got at least two that differ slightly from what was issued by Kellogg's (Williams proof with link to Hickman proof).  I just want to know what else is out there.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

1970 Kellogg's Football Factory Set

I've bid on a few 1970 Kellogg's factory sealed sets, but I've never gotten close to owning one.  The pictures below are from a set that is now on ebay.  

This is the only Kellogg's factory football set.  I would have a tough time buying one of these for big bucks because I'd have no way of confirming that the set was unopened.  Is there a way to tell if this set has been resealed?

This guy even saved the edges of the sheets.  I like that.

Monday, July 31, 2017

What I Didn't See at the National

I didn't see the Kellogg's football ruler, which I've never seen at a show.

I also didn't see the any of the following -

factory sets before 1979.

advertising items or cereal boxes.

1971, 1972 1974, 1975 - 1978 baseball sets.

Roberto Clemente cards from Puerto Rico.

Japanese Kellogg's cards.

I also only saw 1968 Topps 3-d cards at one table.  That dealer only had two cards.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday at the National

Lots of people had 1971 Kellogg's cards on display.  Most looked like the cards shown below.

Like most cards that I saw today, the ones above had lots a curl and some cracking.  

I bought the cards shown below at a few different tables.  It was a nice mix - Cubs, White Sox, some nice 1970 and 1974 cards that are hard to find.  

I'm always in the market for Ruth and Gehrig cards when they are $5.  I think that I picked up two Ruths so I'm now wondering where the other one ended up.  It's probably with the 1974 Rose that missed out on this picture.  

Looking through dollar boxes was fun.  I bought some cards I needed for the 1961 Topps set.  I also just bought a few things that I liked.  Then I found the unopened pack with Gary Nolan from 1973.  

I bought two nice football cards from 1971.  The color is a lot better than the poor picture that I took.  The only PSA card I picked up was a great-looking Rick Monday from 1971.  I just couldn't resist it since it looked amazing.  Again, I'm too lazy to take a better picture.