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Kelloggs Cards

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spent Too Long at Track Meets Today

I was there so long that I started trying to figure out how much time Mike Hargrove spent on all of his career at-bats combined.  He had 6,694 plate appearances in his 12 seasons.

Does anyone have an estimate as to how long each plate appearance lasted?

Is actual data available?

How much longer were Hargrove's at-bats than at-bats of others?

Did someone else take longer at the plate?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Former Senators and Don Mincher

The new Minnesota Twins team played their first home game on this day in 1961.  The team just recently relocated from Washington where they were known as the Senators.  The city of Washington wouldn't let them leave until the city got a new franchise in 1961.  So, Washington had the Senators in 1960 and a new team called the Senators in 1961.

The new Senators team ended up moving to Texas after the 1971 season to become the Rangers.

Back to the Twins home opener.  Their opponent?  The new Washington Senators.  The expansion team won 5-3.  Don Mincher hit the first home homer for the Twins, but Dale Long hit one in the first inning for the Senators.

Mincher played for the Senators when they moved to Minnesota and then he played for the Senators when they moved to Texas.  Did anyone else do that?  Not for these two teams.  Someday I will check to see if others were involved in multiple franchises moves.

Also on this day in 1972, the Texas Rangers played their first home game after moving from Washington.   Mincher

I don't even want to add more about previous or future teams in Washington called the Senators or Nationals.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ballpark Openings on This Day

On this day in 1912 both Fenway Park and Tiger Stadium, known as Navin Field at first, opened.  I couldn't find the box score for these games on

In 1916 Wrigley Field, then called Weeghman Park, had its first game.  I found the box score and found that no players appeared in the game who had a Kellogg's card.

I've been to Fenway four times so far.  I enjoyed sitting behind the lowest part of the right field wall, but now that they have seats in left field, my favorite place in any ballpark, I've got to make another trip to Fenway.

I only got to Tiger Stadium once.  I remember that it was just like Comiskey Park in almost every way.  The stadium was crowded with rowdy kids who were waving around their fire engine red bats that were given out to kids under the age of ?? that day.  I was too old for that one.  When Cecil Fielder hit a big homer the noise from all of the bats thumping on the cement was awesome.  I guess the year could be narrowed down since he played for Detroit from 1990 to 1996.  I think it was in the 1993 to 1994 time frame since I boycotted after the 1994 strike.

I am hoping to see a new ballpark this year.  Maybe Milwaukee's park since it is fairly close.

Ty Cobb hit .409 in 1912 even though the team had a poor season.

No one in my neighborhood had more than one of these cards from the 1972 Kellogg's All-Time Greats set.  Now they are among the most popular Kellogg's cards.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

1973 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs - #37 - 39

I'm still thinking about the comment on the back of the Sanguillen card about Roberto Clemente.  I check some 1973 Topps cards to see if there was any mention of Clemente and I found none.  

Back to more of the 1973 Kellogg's baseball card set and the comments on the back.

#39 - Bobby Grich

I mentioned before about the National card show and getting autographs of many Orioles including Grich.  

"Sensational minor league arithmetic".  That's the second time I found a phrase like that in this set.  How about telling kids about that in an easy way to understand.

He has won lots of minor league awards including minor league player of the year.  

He attended UCLA in the off-season.  

Not on the card - the "breaking up the roster" mentioned included traded second baseman Davey Johnson to the Braves to make room for Grich to play every day.  Grich played in 162 games in 1973.

#38 - Gaylord Perry

He pitched 343 innings in 1972.  His 1.92 ERA trailed Luis Tiant by 0.01.  

He won the Cy Young Award in 1972.  He won another in 1978.

Not on the card - he received MVP votes in six different seasons.

Not on the card - in 2016 David Price led baseball with 230 innings pitched.  No player has exceeded 300 innings pitched since 1980 - Steve Carlton.

Not on the card - Perry exceeded 300 innings pitched in six seasons but he only led the league twice.

#39 - Ralph Garr

Garr finished second to Billy Williams in batting average in 1972.  He trailed only Joe Torre in 1971.
Nicknamed "the Roadrunner".  The White Sox used to play Beep-Beep when he came up to bat.

He is "showing a growing tendency to the longball".  He had 12 homers.

Not on the card - He never hit more than 11 homers in his career which ended in 1980.

Not on the card - he did league the league in batting average in 1974.  His career average was .306.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

1973 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs - #40 - 42

When I was opening Kellogg's cards from cereal boxes as a kid I always read the backs.  I'm enjoying reading these now.  Time for three more from 1973.

#42 - Manny Sanguillen

Because the 1973s are the only Kellogg's cards without the 3-D technology, this set offers a few different looks.  I will need to check and see how many other cards have other players in the background.  Who are those Pirates behind Manny?

Wow, is this the first card that mentions Roberto Clemente's death?   Manny may take Roberto's right field position.

He only walked 16 times (unintentional) over the last two seasons but he doesn't strike out much.

Not on the card - he played 59 games in right field in 1973.  Richie Zisk played 64 games there and Dave Parker stepped out their 19 times.  

#41 - Pete Broberg

Broberg is considered one of the league's future pitching stars despite what Kellogg's called "unimpressive arithemetic".  I guess they mean his 10-21 career record and his strikeouts.  Unfortunately, he also recorded a lot of walks.  

His strikeout totals were compared favorably to Walter Johnson's first two seasons.  Really?

He played at Dartmouth and his father starred as a basketball player there.

Not on the card - I didn't find anyone else with a given name of Sven in the baseball database.

#40 - Brock

Brock has now stolen 50+ bases in eight consecutive years.  No one had done that before.

Not on the card - He added four more seasons in a row of 50+ to end the streak at 12 seasons.

Not on the card - I was surprised to see that Rickey Henderson only managed to get 50+ steals in seven consecutive seasons and he only accumulated 50+ in 14 seasons.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Why Not Bunt?

I saw the first inning of the Cubs-Brewers game tonight.  The lead-off hitter for the Cubs bunted his way onto first base.  I didn't think much about it again until reading this day in baseball history.

Jackie Robinson got his first career hit on this day in 1947 - by bunting.  For the season he had 19 hits via the bunt in 42 attempts.  That's an average of .452.  It doesn't seem like a big difference, but without those at-bats he was hitting .285.  If he hit at a .285 clip for the other 42 at-bats that would have given him 12 hits.  By bunting he had 19.  Makes sense to keep doing that.

Check out this article about bunting with the bases empty -

Some names on the lists will surprise you.  Not many names from the last 20 years since bunting has changed a lot in the game.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Should I Believe Everything I Read?

I like reading some of the websites that show baseball history on a given day of the year.  On this day in 1935 Babe Ruth made his National League debut.  He hit a homer off of Carl Hubbell.

Should I believe the rest of the story?  It says that the day was snowy and the band was playing Jingle Bells.  I haven't tried to confirm this, but I like the story.

There certainly are not many people around who can remember that day since it was 82 years ago.  They'd probably need to be at least 78 years old to have a good memory of that day.  

I could check newspaper accounts, but I'm going to be busy doing my taxes for the rest of the night.