Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

A Bad Time to Be Too Busy to Post - Nice Kellogg's Article

The coronavirus has really impacted all of my jobs.  That's okay, but it has just kept me busier than ever.  e-learning, communicating with athletes and working my office job have all become much more time consuming.  On top of that, one of my courses has a newly-designed AP curriculum for next year.  That will keep me busy all Summer long.

Speaking of Summer, my job at the golf course has changed due to the restrictions imposed on the golf industry for the safety of everyone.  That has resulted in a lot more time with e-mails, parental consents and kids who are itching to make some money.

If that wasn't enough, our school is converting to a new computer system next year.  That will add some work to my Summer too.

My dad was struggling with health issues this Spring.   He passed away a few weeks ago.  Add this to everything else and I haven't really checked out my cards in many weeks.  

No cards shows exist.  There are no flea markets either.  I haven't been buying much on ebay lately.  I haven't had much time to write, but then the best Kellogg's article I've seen in a while appears in the Sports Market Report - check it out here.  I was fortunate enough to have a few nice conversations with Kevin Glew about Kellogg's cards and some of the conversation made it into the issue.  

Here is the link again - 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Unopened Kellogg's Packs

I picked up a 1972 Willie Stargell in the package.  Here is a summary of those the numbers that I am chasing from each year.  The specific needs are shown on the right side of my blog.

1970 - too many to list now
1971 - too many to list now
1972 - need 5
1973 - 14
1974 - too many to list now
1975 - I have none of these
1976 - 20
1977 - 6
1978 - 4
1979 - 1 (Grimsley); more when variations are included
1980 - complete
1981 - 1983 do not exist in that format?

Does anyone collect these cards in the packages? 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

1998 Kellogg's Basketball Factory Set

Some family issues have kept me from blogging and even checking out my card room lately.  I did finally get a factory sealed set of the 1998 Kellogg's basketball cards. 

I have the entire set but I wanted a sealed one too.  Why?  I like to get a sample of everything they've produced when I can afford it.  This set I can certainly afford.  I am hoping to get more unopened packs but they don't show up frequently.  

Has anyone seen sealed sets or unopened packs way back in the past when we used to attend card shows?

Sunday, May 3, 2020

How Baseball Cards Fit Into Stories with My Older Sisters

I was talking to my mother and two of my sisters today.  One is four 1/2 years older than me and the other is 6 1/2 years (exactly) older than me.  Even though we grew up in the same house, we obviously had different friends.  In addition, we went to different schools so we were telling each other stories about our schools and things in the neighborhood.

My oldest sister mentioned that she used to go to a store name S.S. Kresge.  I asked if anyone knew when the store closed.  I was surprised that there were no answers.  I got them rolling by letting them know that I bought baseball cards there from 1969 - 1971 at least.  I've mentioned seeing the over-priced 1970 Kellogg's packs there and never buying any.  Now that I think about it, I think I got cards there up to 1974 maybe? 

I know that when I started a paper route in 1974 the Kresge was not around.  How would I remember?  I had to find a new place to buy cards when I had my paper route money.  The Kresge would have been the closest place to do so.  Luckily, a new candy shop opened about 200 yards from the Kresge.  My family couldn't remember much more about the new place.  I will have to ask some of the others.

I did not know that the S.S Kresge Company became Kmart until just now.  Based on the type of products sold there it makes sense.

Even though I'm the ninth child I ended up having a teacher that was new to our family.  After telling some crazy stories about her, I realized two other things about her.  First, that was the last grade where Mike D. managed to listen to Cub games on his transistor radio while casually relaxing his hand over the earphone.  I was able to easily see his scorecard without drawing the attention of this teacher. 

Second, this teacher was the fourth and last one who took cards away from kids during class.  I just realized today that this was because after fourth grade kids didn't bring their cards to school anymore.  That's something I never thought about until I was telling stories about this teacher. 

My sisters probably think it is odd that I can relate these events to my baseball cards, but from reading other blogs and message boards I realize that I am not alone. 

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Has Anyone Seen a 1973 Kellogg's Factory Set Like This?

I've seen 1973 Kellogg's blank backs as well as panels with blank backs.  I have no idea how they originated but it isn't difficult to guess.  I would not have guessed this.

The listing linked below has an opened factory set with the wrapper.  There is damage to the wrapper and many of the cards.  The oddity is the idea that six of the panels have blank backs.  Has anyone ever opened a factory set to find only some with blank backs?

Odd 1973 Kellogg's Set on eBay

If this has happened before, would it be the same panels?  Wouldn't these panels or blank back individual cards be easier to find that the other ones?

Here are the ones with blank backs.

Seaver - Cuellar - Coleman
Davis - Kingman - May
Garr - Perry - Grich
Morgan - Blyleven - Rudi
Brock - Broberg - Sanguillen
Kaline - Dierker - Santo

Is it possible that by the way the panels are packaged that the blank back panels didn't get stained like the other panels?

Monday, April 20, 2020

Does Anyone Know More About this Kellogg's Football Advertising Item?

I've seen this item on ebay only a few times in the last 10 years.  It is a plastic item with four 1971 football cards on it.  It is about 6.5 inches long and maybe one inch high.  

It looks like it was used to put on a store shelf in the cereal aisle.  Is that what it was used for?

If it was for the cereal aisle that leads to more questions.  First, does this item exist for any other Kellogg's card products? 

I have two of these with the same players shown.  So the second question is are there other versions of this with different players shown?

If it wasn't used in the cereal aisle, then what was its purpose?  Any help would be appreciated.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

1980 Kellogg's Card Backs - #39 Larry Bowa

Kellogg's let it be known immediately that Bowa didn't have a great year in 1979.  Here is what they started the paragraph stating - "both Larry and his Phillies' employers are looking for him to rebound at the plate this year".  His great fielding was mentioned as he achieved many defensive records.

Let's check out his 1979 season compared to others.

In 1978 he was third in the MVP voting behind Dave Parker and Steve Garvey.  Only Parker (21 votes) and Bowa (3) received first-place votes.  He was an all-star, won a Gold Glove and hit .294.  He added 27 steals. 

In 1979 he dropped to a .241 average and all of his other stats were off from 1978.  He was an all-star, but he didn't win any Gold Gloves after 1978.  Dave Concepcion won the award in 1979 and Ozzie Smith took it the next 13 years.

Bowa didn't make any all-star games either after 1979. 

I was surprised to see how high Bowa ranked in some defensive categories.  As a shortstop, he is 9th in career assists, 11th in double plays and 16th in assists.  I was even more surprised to see that only six shortstops have played more games than Bowa.

6.  Jimmy Rollins - I would never have guessed him
5.  Cal Ripken
4.  Ozzie Smith
3.  Luis Aparicio
2.  Derek Jeter
1.  Omar Vizquel

I would have guessed Honus Wagner who played 21 seasons.  Nope.  He didn't play shortstop at all during his first four seasons and he played almost 900 games at other positions.  Wagner died on Bowa's 10th birthday.

The lockdown has allowed me to dig through lots of my cards.  Due to that, My Kellogg's sets are blocked from easy access.  I still wanted to do the post.