Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, February 16, 2017

1976 Kellogg's Card Backs - Card Numbers 22 - 24

I think I did a better job on the pictures for this group.  I hope that the backs can be read easily.

22 - Willie Stargell

Stargell listed his hobbies as dancing and bowling.

I love the paragraph so check it out.  Has Father Time been mentioned on a baseball card anywhere else?  How about "over the hill"?

Not on the card - his foundation did some charity events including bowling tournaments.

Not on the card - no other baseball player had the given name of Wilver.

Not on the card - no other baseball player had a given middle name of Dornell, not even Willie Stargell whose middle name on is spelled Dornel.

Not on the card - I didn't find another player with the last name of Stargell.

23 - Al Hrabosky

I'm not surprised to see him list surfing as a hobby.  If you haven't seen his pre-pitch routine you should check it out on the internet.  We would mimic those moves as kids because it was entertaining.

He has only one career start.  That continued in his 545 career games.  

Not on the card - his famous quote about his appearance - “How can I intimidate batters if I look like a g*d* golf pro?

24 - Carl Yastrzemski

Not much to say about Yaz in 1975.  He had shoulder problems but helped lead them to a pennant.  If they had more room to write on the back it probably would have mentioned Fred Lynn and Jim Rice who burst onto the scene with the Red Sox in 1975.  

I was surprised to see how few 100+ RBI seasons he had (3).  He added two more in 1976 and 1977 and finished his career doing this five times.

Not on the card - He led the league in batting average three times and homers and RBIs only once.  Lucky for him he led the league in all three in 1967 thereby achieving the Triple Crown. Only Miguel Cabrera (2012) has done that in the 49 seasons since Yaz accomplished it.

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