Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, February 2, 2017

1976 Kellogg's Card Backs - Card Numbers 10 - 12

Three more 1976 Kellogg's cards are up next.

10 - Jim Rice

This was a great card to get in 1976.  The rookie card craze wasn't as strong so everyone wanted the best players.  Rice certainly qualified for that.

I don't remember Rice and Lynn being called the Gold Dust twins.  Rice's injury had a huge impact on the 1975 World Series since he was sidelined.

Rice had to erase the image of being a bad fielder.  And they mentioned it on his card.

Not on the card - Ed Armbrister and an umpire also had a huge impact on the 1975 World Series.

11 - Bert Blyleven

The card mentions that he was born in Holland.  This is odd for a Kellogg's card - it mentions that his family went to Canada and then to the U.S.A.

He gave up a home run to the first batter he faced as a rookie - Lee Maye.

Not on the card - He gave up 430 career homers, eighth most all-time.  Ron Kittle hit the most of him (9).  Kittle did that in only 50 plate appearances.

Not on the card - one of my late friends was passionate about players from his homeland of The Netherlands (Holland).  Bert fits that even though he went to high school in California.

12 - Ken Singleton

Singleton replaced Rusty Staub in the Expos outfield and he quickly became a fan favorite.  He had already been traded twice by this point in this career.

Not on the card - he stayed with Baltimore until his career ended in 1984.

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