Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Friday, February 17, 2017

Hey, Post #714 - Everyone Knows That Number .......

............ is my locker at school.

Well, maybe that's not what makes this number so well known.  Babe Ruth hit 714 career homers, a number that is well known by baseball fans.

Here is how I divide people in the world.  There are five types of people in the world:

1.  Those born when Ned Williamson held the single-season home run record (1884 - 1919).
2.  Those born when Babe Ruth held the single-season home run record (1919 - 1961).  
3.  Those born when Roger Maris held the single-season home run record (1961 - 1998).
4.  Those born when Mark McGwire held the single-season home run record (1998 - 2001).
5.  Those born when Barry Bonds held the single-season home run record (2001 - 2016).  

The first type (Williamson) is almost 100 years old.  I don't know any of them so I will be nice to them.

The second type (Ruth) is old, but won't admit they are old.  When they answer that Ruth held the record when they were born, they sound old and they hate hearing about it.  If you haven't asked someone this give it a try.

The third group (Maris) are well-adjusted, hard-working difference makers who strive to make the planet a better place.  Spend your time with these wonderful people.

The fourth group (McGwire) recently got licenses to drive and are about to spend all of their parents' money on college.  Watch out for this group.

The fifth group (Bonds) can't drive, but they expect their parents to drive them everywhere, do their science projects, buy their girl scout cookies and coach their teams.  Another group to watch out for.


  1. As someone born in the third group, I whole-heartedly and biasedly agree with your assesment.

  2. Of course I tried to show no bias when talking about the groups, but I didn't try that hard.