Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Not My Favorite Card Show Outcome

Daughter spends $10 of my money

and I spend $3. 

Yes, I didn't negotiate at all on the price since the card was decent.  There is a small scratch and the color overall is nice. 

It would have been a win for me but I won't be eating any of those Girl Scout cookies.  I like them, but if I start eating them I can guarantee that none will remain a few minutes later, especially if they are refrigerated.

The card show was across the border into Indiana.  I hadn't been there before and I enjoyed it.  Denny McLain was there signing autographs.  They made some announcements about him signing but they didn't mentioned the cost so that was odd. 

It would good to see different dealers, but I didn't see much that interested me.  I probably would have searched some of the dime boxes if my daughter wasn't with me.

At least I got something nice in the mail this week.  Sorry, I am too lazy to take it out for nice picture.  It is in a top loader and there is a plastic bag over that.  Maybe when I get a better frame for it I will take a decent picture.

I'm going to have to start selling some items since I went way over budget buying something like this.  Don't expect those items to be Kellogg's cards very often.

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