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Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kellogg's Card Backs - Who Lost Out on The School Naming?

I don't know if these nine will be able to match the last nine.

#18 Eddie Murray - is one of 12 children.  All five of the boys played professional baseball.  Not on the card - brother Rich hit four homers in the majors.  I was always jealous of these guys from small families.

#17 Tony Perez - he had a great season in Boston at age 38.  Not on the card - his card is one of the few that don't list a hobby.  I will assume he'd say French cooking from his Montreal days.

#16 J.R. Richard - he was 10-4 with an ERA under 2.00 when he was sidelined with a stroke at age 31.  He vowed to return to the mound.  Not on the card - like the All-Time Greats cards, the 1981 Richard card has his complete career stats since he never pitched in the majors after 7-14-80.  He was the starting pitcher in the All-Star game just six days before the stroke.

#15 Don Baylor - he was one of the first free agents to strike it rich in 1977.

#14 Cesar Cedeno - he broke his ankle in the 1980 playoffs.  Not on the card - after 48 steals in 1980 he never got to 20 during the last six years that he played.  Rehabbing injuries is certainly more advanced today.

#13 Dave Parker - Kellogg's calls him "the big guy" and mentions "his awesome size".  He's listed as 6-5 and 225 pounds.   Not on the card - Aren't middle infielders that size now?

#12 Phil Niekro - he won another Gold Glove in 1980.  Not on the card - he ended up winning five Gold Gloves or as he might say it "five more than my brother".

#11 Willie Stargell - he lists bowling as a hobby.  He organized an annual bowling tournament to raise money for Sickle Cell Anemia research.  Not on the card -   He also raised money for kidney disease.  He was one of the most loved players in the game.

#10 Steve Garvey - a school in Southern California has been renamed Steve Garvey Junior High. Not on the card - I was surprised to find that the school still bears his name.  Willie Stargell was one of the most loved players in the game.  Cub fans also added an adjective to his name similar to Red Sox fans hatred of Bucky Dent.

So, the school was renamed for Steve Garvey.  Let's pretend the school was named after someone else from Southern California in the late 1970s.  Who lost that honor and how do you talk about that at Thanksgiving dinner?

Here are some guesses - Shirley Temple, Joe DiMaggio (he probably wanted naming right$), Richard Nixon (probably not talked about), General Patton, Robert Redford, John Steinbeck.

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