Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, April 3, 2016

More 1981 Kellogg's Card Backs #36 - 28

Back for another round of reading the fine print on the back of 1981 Kellogg's cards.

#36 Reggie Smith - couldn't stay healthy in a Dodger uniform.  He endured injuries to his shoulder, ankle and knee as well as having a pinched nerve.  Yesterday was his birthday.  Not on the card - Don Sutton got into a fight with Steve Garvey after Sutton said Smith was a more valuable Dodger than Garvey.  Did Garvey's hair get messed up?

#35 George Hendrick - he has averaged over 20 homers per year since 1973.  Not on the card - I think that I've already mentioned this, but whenever I see a Hendrick card I always think of my friend catching a batting practice homer hit by him.

#34 Frank White - he grew up in Kansas City just a few blocks from where the Royals played at the time (Municipal Stadium).  It was in that old stadium that he was first noticed by Royals scouts.  Not on the card - stolen bases since Kellogg's didn't list that stat at all.   White had 178 in his career.

#33 Rickey Henderson - I don't have this card in my partial set for some reason so I guess as to what it might say on the back--- he grew up in Oakland and with his likable, crowd-pleasing personality he's likely to have a long career with the A's.  He led the league with 100 stolen bases.  Probably not on the card - his stolen base stats (see Frank White).

#32 Cecil Cooper - probably the only player in MLB history with the middle name Celester.  He led the league with 122 RBIs and batted .352 but George Brett made everyone forget about that by hitting 24 homers, driving in 118 runs and batting .390 in only 117 games.

#31 Keith Hernandez - he was second to Bill Buckner in batting average (.324 to .321).  He was drafted in the 42nd round.  Not on the card - he didn't play his senior year in high school due to a dispute with the coach.

#30 Ken Landreaux - he predicted that Twins fans wouldn't miss Carew since he'd be in the lineup.  His 31-game hitting streak is the longest in the AL since 1949 (Dom DiMaggio).  Not on the card - Carew got on 14 Kellogg's cards and Landreaux got on this one.

#29 Davey Lopes - he received the most votes for the 1980 All-Star game.  He is second in career steals on the Dodgers to Maury Wills.

#28 Dave Concepcion - He had an elbow injury all season that required him to miss the last week of the season for surgery.  He still played in 156 games which means he played every day.

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