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Friday, April 22, 2016

Luis Aparicio Had a Few Interesting Walks

Luis Aparicio played 2,599 games in his career with the White Sox, Orioles and Red Sox.  He had 736 career walks, or 1 per every 3.5 games.

On this day in 1959 he walked twice in one inning.  That's not a big deal until you hear about what else happened in that inning.  Here is the breakdown:

Boone reaches on error
Smith reaches on error
Callison singles; error scores both runners, Callison to third
Aparicio walks and steals second
Shaw walks
Torgeson walks scoing Callison
Fox walks scoring Aparicio
Landis hits into a fielder's choice; Shaw is out at home --- 1 out
Lollar walks scoring Torgeson
Boone walks scoring Fox
Smith walks scoring Landis
Callison hit-by-pitch scoring Lollar (Skizas pinch runs for Callison)
Aparicio walks scoring Boone
Shaw strikes out -- 2 outs
Phillips (PH for Torgeson) walks scoring Smith
Fox walks scoring Skizas
Landis grounds out --- 3 outs

In the inning there were 17 batters.  11 runs scored and three runners were left on base.  There was only one hit.  Add a HBP and 10 walks to the crazy box score.  Jim Landis made two of the three outs.

Nellie Fox also walked twice.  He had almost the exact same walks to game ratio as Aparicio.  

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