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Kelloggs Cards

Monday, July 2, 2018

1991 Kellogg's Leyendas Card Backs - Part 7

Today's Kellogg's Leyendas card features a player who I would have never guessed would be included in this set.  Why?  I don't remember ever hearing him speak and his name certainly made me think he might be from the USA.  I didn't get cable TV until 1987, so sports news was limited to local teams and championships.   Ed Figueroa didn't fit those descriptions too frequently.

He pitched in the post-season from 1976 - 1978 with the Yankees.  His record was 0-4 in seven starts.

Another AL-only player, I saw him play a lot less than I saw NL guys.  So, I was surprised on the card to see his career record of 80-67.  He did that in only eight years including one 20-win season.

He was the Yankees winningest pitcher from 1976 - 1978 and he was the first Puerto Rican pitcher to win 20 games in a season.  His MLB career was shortened due to elbow surgery though he did pitch in Mexico after recovering.

Not on the card - he pitched in the minors from 1966 - 1975 and from 1981 - 1982.  He spent time with the US Marines in Vietnam.  

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