Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

1991 Kellogg's Leyendas Card Backs - Part 10

Here comes the last player card from the 1991 Kellogg's Leyendas set.  This time it's Manny Sanguillen who has his share of Kellogg's cards.  

His career is well documented on the card - solid hitter, good arm, good baserunner, All-Star and World Series star.  

Not on the card - I was surprised that compared his career as most similar to Thurman Munson.  

He only struck out once in every 15 at-bats.  He walked even less - 1 in every 21.7 at-bats.  I thought back to guys who swung at everything or do that now.  Shawon Dunston walked once in every 29.2 at-bats and Javier Baez already only walks once per 19.5 at-bats.  Dunston struck out once every 5.9 at-bats and Baez is currently whiffing once 3.5 every at-bats.

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