Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Flea Market Failure

The weather and my schedule finally cooperated allowing my first visit to a flea market this year.  I heard numerous sellers talking to others about how few weekends they'd been able to set up this year. 

It was almost like an antique show - there was lots of old stuff to check out.  I rarely have seen Starting Lineups at this flea market.  Today at least 10 dealers had more than a box full of them.  I bought a Jim Everett for $1. 

There were lots of junk wax sets and miscellaneous 800-count boxes  Some were as cheap as $5 per box.  I didn't see any that I needed to have and carry around with me. 

There were Wacky Packages, older cards, many dealers with beer can collections or comic books and a few dealers with older cards.  Most had high prices of no prices listed.  It did remind me that I would like to get the Wacky Packages.  My mom didn't throw away my cards, but the stickers didn't survive.  My fault on that since I didn't keep them in the closet with my cards. 

Kellogg's cards - I saw none.  I spent $1 total.   I hope that doesn't happen when I go to the National.   

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  1. Temperatures in my area have heated up... but my flea market finds have definitely cooled off as of late. I did find some Kellogg's at a card show a few weeks ago. I'll be posting them later in the week.