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Monday, January 25, 2016

Kellogg's Cereal Box Dream #20 - Who is Wally Bunker?

Before getting this card, most of what I knew about Wally Bunker was from his 1970 Topps Storybook.  Those were a great read.  

I didn't know much about him due to my age and his playing only in the AL.  Like lots of pitchers before the 1980s, his career ended due to arm problems.  He didn't pitch after age 26.  

Wally turns 71 today.  Happy Birthday to a guy pitching in the majors at age 19.  

1970 Kellogg's Wally Bunker #70

1970 Rating                    -- 3  comment -- an okay player but I only know the stars at my age.  

2015 Rating                    -- 4  comment --   You are either in the Hall of Fame or you are a                                                              common.  I disagree with that and I enjoyed learning about him.

Bunker was 19-5 as a rookie in 1964.  He finished second in the Rookie of the Year voting to Tony Oliva.  The player to hit the most homers off of Bunker (5) was Oliva of course.

Bunker threw a shutout in the World Series for the Orioles.  He was taken by the Royal in the 1968 Expansion Draft.  He was the starting pitcher in the Royals first game.  

Kellogg's selected at least one player from each team for their inaugural set in 1970.  Bunker was the only Royal selected after a record of 12-11 in 1969.  Like most expansion teams, there weren't any obvious choices for Kellogg's.

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