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Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

League Leaders in Wins Who DIdn't Get a Kellogg's Baseball Card the Next Year (or at all!)

I was checking the league leader list for wins and I was surprised that there were some leaders who didn't manage to get a Kellogg's baseball card.  I won't count the strike-shortened year of 1981 when the AL had four tied for the league lead with 14 wins - D. Martinez, S. McCatty, J. Morris and P. Vuckovich.  Morris appeared the next year but Vuckovich appeared in 1983.

There were four league leaders in wins from 1969 to 1982 that didn't appear on a Kellogg's card.

One player had Won-Loss records in consecutive years of 15-7, 17-10, 20-12, 21-17, 14-12, 20-11 and 13-11 during the Kellogg's era.  Three twenty win seasons in the AL wasn't enough to get him into a Kellogg's set.  Can you name him?

Another player led the league in wins in 1982 and 1983 but didn't get into the 1983 set.  Maybe that was okay since he led the AL in losses the next season.  Do you have a name for this guy?

The third pitcher tied for the league lead in wins with his brother and then he won 20 games again the next season.  The player in question finished second in the Cy Young voting and his brother finished 6th.  Who is this brother mentioned in an earlier post?

The last guy led the league winning 24 games one year while losing only seven.  That only got him third in the MVP voting.  His previous season was 14-7.  The following season he was 3-15 - ouch.  This is the one I couldn't figure out, can you?


  1. These are tough. Phil Niekro for the one about the brothers?

  2. Joe Niekro didn't get a Kellogg's card somehow. The others were (a) Lamarr Hoyt who didn't deserve the award - Rich Dotson had a better year and (b) Ron Bryant who had a great record but not much of an ERA or career after that.