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Thursday, June 14, 2018

1991 Kellogg's Leyendas Set Card Backs - Part 1

Time to check out the backs of the Kellogg's Leyendas Hispanas del Beisbol or the 1991 Kellogg's Hispanic Legends Baseball set. 

The set came with a header card/checklist of sorts.  On the front it listed the players in alphabetical order.  Quite odd that seven of the 10 players have a last name beginning with the letter "C".

Unlike the All-Time Greats set, this set made no attempt to have a player at each position.  Clemente is listed as playing RF.  Three other guys are listed as outfielders, there is a catcher, a first baseman,  a shortstop, an infielder and two pitchers.  A third baseman is missing. 

Tony Perez played five seasons at 3B until switching to 1B.  Luis Aparicio would be another star infielder but he played no other position on the field than shortstop during his 18-year career.  Has anyone played more games without playing more than one position. 

The shortstop for this set certainly played more than one position.  He played all nine positions on one major league game.  It was the only time in his career that he pitched or caught or played 1B.  Bert Campaneris is listed as shortstop on the card, but he played 76 games at 3B during his career. 

The introductory paragraph mentions Rod Carew and the great one, Roberto Clemente.  Clemente is recognized for contributions on and off the field.

Roberto Clemente

The card backs are well done.  A nice close-up picture is included.   Only one stat line, which includes his career totals, is included.

Clemente is mentioned as being the first Hispanic superstar in baseball.   He won four batting titles and 12 Gold Glove Awards. 

In two World Series he hit safely in all 14 games.  I'll need to research to find out if anyone has done better than that. 

The card mentions his plane trip to Nicaragua to help earthquake victims.  Roberto was a native of Puerto Rico. 


  1. Haven't seen these either... but now I want to add a Clemente to my binder.

  2. Not only that, there is an English version of these as well. I've only gotten these in complete sets, but I think I have an extra one.

  3. To get the Clemente you might as well just buy the entire set. I see them on ebay from $12 - 16 occasionally.