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Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

1973 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs - #37 - 39

I'm still thinking about the comment on the back of the Sanguillen card about Roberto Clemente.  I check some 1973 Topps cards to see if there was any mention of Clemente and I found none.  

Back to more of the 1973 Kellogg's baseball card set and the comments on the back.

#39 - Bobby Grich

I mentioned before about the National card show and getting autographs of many Orioles including Grich.  

"Sensational minor league arithmetic".  That's the second time I found a phrase like that in this set.  How about telling kids about that in an easy way to understand.

He has won lots of minor league awards including minor league player of the year.  

He attended UCLA in the off-season.  

Not on the card - the "breaking up the roster" mentioned included traded second baseman Davey Johnson to the Braves to make room for Grich to play every day.  Grich played in 162 games in 1973.

#38 - Gaylord Perry

He pitched 343 innings in 1972.  His 1.92 ERA trailed Luis Tiant by 0.01.  

He won the Cy Young Award in 1972.  He won another in 1978.

Not on the card - he received MVP votes in six different seasons.

Not on the card - in 2016 David Price led baseball with 230 innings pitched.  No player has exceeded 300 innings pitched since 1980 - Steve Carlton.

Not on the card - Perry exceeded 300 innings pitched in six seasons but he only led the league twice.

#39 - Ralph Garr

Garr finished second to Billy Williams in batting average in 1972.  He trailed only Joe Torre in 1971.
Nicknamed "the Roadrunner".  The White Sox used to play Beep-Beep when he came up to bat.

He is "showing a growing tendency to the longball".  He had 12 homers.

Not on the card - He never hit more than 11 homers in his career which ended in 1980.

Not on the card - he did league the league in batting average in 1974.  His career average was .306.

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