Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

1973 Kellogg's Baseball Card Backs - #40 - 42

When I was opening Kellogg's cards from cereal boxes as a kid I always read the backs.  I'm enjoying reading these now.  Time for three more from 1973.

#42 - Manny Sanguillen

Because the 1973s are the only Kellogg's cards without the 3-D technology, this set offers a few different looks.  I will need to check and see how many other cards have other players in the background.  Who are those Pirates behind Manny?

Wow, is this the first card that mentions Roberto Clemente's death?   Manny may take Roberto's right field position.

He only walked 16 times (unintentional) over the last two seasons but he doesn't strike out much.

Not on the card - he played 59 games in right field in 1973.  Richie Zisk played 64 games there and Dave Parker stepped out their 19 times.  

#41 - Pete Broberg

Broberg is considered one of the league's future pitching stars despite what Kellogg's called "unimpressive arithemetic".  I guess they mean his 10-21 career record and his strikeouts.  Unfortunately, he also recorded a lot of walks.  

His strikeout totals were compared favorably to Walter Johnson's first two seasons.  Really?

He played at Dartmouth and his father starred as a basketball player there.

Not on the card - I didn't find anyone else with a given name of Sven in the baseball database.

#40 - Brock

Brock has now stolen 50+ bases in eight consecutive years.  No one had done that before.

Not on the card - He added four more seasons in a row of 50+ to end the streak at 12 seasons.

Not on the card - I was surprised to see that Rickey Henderson only managed to get 50+ steals in seven consecutive seasons and he only accumulated 50+ in 14 seasons.

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