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Kelloggs Cards

Monday, April 3, 2017

Game Tonight - Why I Won't Be Watching

I went to a college that was not really that good at sports.  Here are a couple of clues about the expectations.

1.  I took my kids to a football game at the grand alma mater when they played a weaker opponent.  I couldn't make up what happened next.  After the score changed to 23 a message quickly appeared  on the scoreboard that said "23 is a prime number."

That's embarrassing.  Right away you now know that I didn't go to an SEC school or any other school with a football tradition.  

2.  As a student I once attended a game with someone in a wheelchair.  That allowed us to watch the game from the track that surrounded the field.  It was so quiet during the game that I could hear the quarterback swearing at the other guys in the huddle.  

3.  The school's basketball team has made it to the NCAA tournament once - this year.  That's probably the clue you'd need to figure out what school I attended.  

I wonder if Ted Simmons and all of the others athletes who starred in high school basketball will be watching.

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  1. I feel your pain. My alma mater is SJSU which was known for judo and golf back in my day.