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Kelloggs Cards

Friday, April 21, 2017

Former Senators and Don Mincher

The new Minnesota Twins team played their first home game on this day in 1961.  The team just recently relocated from Washington where they were known as the Senators.  The city of Washington wouldn't let them leave until the city got a new franchise in 1961.  So, Washington had the Senators in 1960 and a new team called the Senators in 1961.

The new Senators team ended up moving to Texas after the 1971 season to become the Rangers.

Back to the Twins home opener.  Their opponent?  The new Washington Senators.  The expansion team won 5-3.  Don Mincher hit the first home homer for the Twins, but Dale Long hit one in the first inning for the Senators.

Mincher played for the Senators when they moved to Minnesota and then he played for the Senators when they moved to Texas.  Did anyone else do that?  Not for these two teams.  Someday I will check to see if others were involved in multiple franchises moves.

Also on this day in 1972, the Texas Rangers played their first home game after moving from Washington.   Mincher

I don't even want to add more about previous or future teams in Washington called the Senators or Nationals.

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