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Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cubs for All Positions in Kellogg's Baseball Card Sets

I was looking at my Kellogg's cards and I noticed that I had Cubs cards at every position on the field.  I doubt that many teams have cards representing all positions, but I guess I will need to start checking them out.  In the meantime, here are the Cubs.

Pitchers  - Fergie, Jenkins, Bruce Sutter and Rick Reuschel.  I was lucky enough to meet Jenkins in a skybox at Wrigley last year.  Sutter and Reuschel were fan favorites in Chicago.

Catcher  - Randy Hundley.  He won a Gold Glove early in his career but knee injuries hindered his career.

First Base - Ernie Banks, Dave Kingman, Leon Durham and Bill Buckner.  There has been lots of talk about Banks lately since he passed away early in 2015.  The other three had some unfortunate ups and downs during their careers.  More on those highlights and lowlights in future posts.

Second Base - Glenn Beckert.  I remember he and Ron Santo trying to drive out of their parking spot at Yum-Yum Donuts after a home game.  Fans wouldn't stop sticking stuff in the window for signatures.  Finally he just rolled up the window, it was a manual crank back then, and I can picture the frustrated expression on the kid who had to drop the ball which ended up with Beckett.

Third Base - Ron Santo, Bill Madlock and Steve Ontiveros.  Santo was driving the car with Beckert so I guess he is either innocent since he was driving or he was guilty for driving off.  I can't remember since I was on the Beckert side of the car.  Ontiveros did a few unique things that will come up when it's time to talk about his card.

Shortstop - Don Kessinger.  He ended up as a player-manager for the White Sox, one of only four players to do that since 1963.  That will be good for another post since all four appeared in at least on Kellogg's set.

The outfielders have always been my favorite players.  I preferred to play in the outfield and I like to sit in left field when I attend a major league game.

Outfield - Jose Cardenal and Jim Hickman - mostly played RF.  Jose had some unique eating habits are Wrigley.  That's for another day even if it doesn't compare to Turk Wendell's habits.  Hickman was one of only 14 players to hit for the natural cycle.  The natural cycle is accomplished when a hitter first gets, in order, a single, a double, a triple and a home run.

Outfield - Rick Monday - mostly played CF.  There are plenty of things to say about Monday in the future, but we'll start with an obvious one.  He was the first player drafted when baseball began the MLB draft in 1965.

Outfield - Billy Williams - mostly played LF.  One year they traded my favorite pitcher to Oakland, then they trade my favorite player a few years later.

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