Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Unopened Kellogg's Goals and Duplicates

I think that I have every card from the main sets.  Some of the 1971s need to be upgraded, but I will probably do that over the long haul.  I'm certainly lacking some variations from a few sets.  I'm also guessing that there will be more variations uncovered over time.

My next goal has been to work on getting unopened versions of each card.  The first two years might pose two much of a challenge, but I'm working on the other ones.  This should keep me busy for years.

While pursuing my unopened goals, I bought some large lots of unopened Kellogg's cards.  I've struggled to sell enough other stuff from my collection to make up for these purchases.  It pains me to sell some of my unopened Kellogg's cards, but when I finally inventoried my 1973s I found that I had more than 5 of lots of players.  If I ever get around to organizing everything in my collection, maybe I can sell or trade more duplicates and start chasing the key cards that I need to find unopened.

These 1973s are some of my favorites.  It certainly helped that my favorite Cubs were in the set.  Being addicted to Frosted Flakes as a kid helped too.


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