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Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Players Who Got Kellogg's Cards Without Getting Any MLB At-Bats

Thanks to the Lahman database I found out some interesting things about the players portrayed on Kellogg's sets from 1970 - 1983.  Since the designated hitter was introduced in 1973, not many pitchers batted in the American League after 1972.

Ten pitchers who appeared on at least one Kellogg's card managed to "accomplish" not batting during their careers.  Not surprisingly, all spent their careers in the American League.  Some were probably great athletes, but I'll address their individual skills some other time.

Here is the list of players in order of year they debuted in the A.L.

Wayne Garland - 1973 - 1981

Bill Travers - 1974 - 1983

Tom Johnson - 1974 - 1978 for the Twins

Ed Figueroa - 1974 - 1981

Mike Flanagan - 1975 - 1992

Ron Guidry - 1975 - 1988 for the Yankees

Mark Fidrych - 1976-1980 for the Tigers

Dave Rozema - 1977 - 1986

John Henry Johnson - 1978 - 1987

Britt Burns - 1978-1985 for the White Sox

Most At-Bats By a Pitcher During This Era

In 1976, Ken Brett batted 12 times in the A.L. after the DH rule took effect.  On 9-23-1976 Brett batted 8th in the lineup as the White Sox decided that he would bat instead of the team using a DH.  How would you like to have been Jim Essian who was relegated to batting 9th?

Brett had a career average of .262 including 10 home runs including four in consecutive starts.  He is the older brother of George Brett.

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