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Sunday, April 12, 2015

How Did Some Teams Not Get a Player in a Kellogg's Set? I Thought This was Like the All-Star Game

1970 Kellogg's Set

The first set manages to exclude the Atlanta Braves.  Hank Aaron, Orlando Cepeda, Rico Carty, Phil Niekro and Ron Reed all had seasons that could have warranted inclusion in the set.  The team had a great season, winning the first-ever N.L. West title before losing to the Mets in the playoffs.  

There were 24 teams in 1970 and 75 cards in the set.  The Tigers, Cubs and Red Sox all have five players in this set.  How could they not find room for an Atlanta Brave?  

1971 Kellogg's Set

Once again, the Atlanta Braves are not included in the Kellogg's set.  The Braves dropped from first in 1969 to fifth in 1970.  Still, Aaron and Cepeda had great seasons.  Carty had a strong season as well, but he suffered a knee injury after the 1970 season that caused him to miss the 1971 season.  

The Orioles won the World Series and got six players in this set.  The Pirates, Cardinals, Reds and Cubs have five players each.   Another 75-card set.  How can the Braves get skipped again.  

1972 Kellogg's Set

Kellogg's skipped two teams in 1972.  This was the first of three years that Kellogg's ignored the Expos.  Rusty Staub and Bill Stoneman performed well enough to be included in this set.

Frank Howard of the Rangers had a good season in 1971.  The Rangers were a new team, moving from Washington after the 1971 season.  So, maybe they were skipped because they had no photos in the new uniforms.  Kellogg's didn't have the airbrushing that Topps used far too often.

The set was limited to 54 cards, but the World Champion Pirates got seven players in this set.  Six A's were included as were five players from the Orioles, Yankees and Giants.  That leaves on 26 cards for players from the other 19 teams.  It's easy to see why the Expos and Rangers were skipped.  

1975 Kellogg's Set

The Expos were skipped again.  Their two best players in 1974 were Willie Davis and Mike Torrez.  Both were on new teams at the beginning of 1975, so I can't blame Kellogg's for not including them.

Five players from the Oakland A's were included in this 57-card set.  Why couldn't they come up with a consistent set size.

1981 Kellogg's Set

Guess what?  Kellogg's decided to skip all of Canada this time.  No Expos again.  There were plenty of good options based on the 1980 season.  Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Steve Rogers and Scott Sanderson would have been easy to include.  It would have been great to see a Scott Sanderson card in this set.

No Blue Jays were included either in 1981.  John Mayberry had a solid season, but nothing amazing.

The Red Sox, Orioles, Yankees, Phillies and Astros all have five players in this set.  That's 25 of the 66 cards.  With the Blue Jays and Mariners joining the A.L. in 1977 there were now 26 teams.

1982 Kellogg's Set

The Blue Jays were skipped again in 1982.  1981 was a strike-shortened season, but no Blue Jays were headed toward good seasons.  Dave Stieb had a good season in 1982 to get the Blue Jays a card in 1983.  

Five Los Angeles Dodgers were included in this set.

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