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Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Most Hits by Pitchers that Appeared on a Kellogg's Card

The following pitchers, who appeared on a Kellogg's card from 1970 to 1983, managed to get at least 200 career hits.  I'm not including position players who happened to pitch a few times or Babe Ruth who pitched for multiple years.

Cy Young (623 hits) had lots of extra-base hits.  He had 87 doubles, 35 triples and 18 home runs in the dead-ball era.  He batted .211 for his career.

Lots of my friends know that I like baseball.  I appreciate it when they want to talk about baseball, except when they ask me what it was like to bat against Cy Young.  Every time this kind of thing happens my Christmas card list gets smaller.

Walter Johnson (547 hits) also had lots of extra-base hits on his way to a .235 career average.  He ended up with 94 doubles,  41 triples and 24 home runs.

Steve Carlton (346 hits)  batted .201 and had 68 extra-base hits (49 2B, 6 3B and 13 HR).  His season high in home runs was three.

My best pack pull from Frosted Flakes involved Steve Carlton.  More on that in its own post someday.

Bob Gibson (272 hits) batted .206 and had 73 extra-base hits (44 2B, 5 3B and 24 HR).  He hit five home runs in two different seasons.

Another pitcher named Bob Gibson played from 1983 to 1987 without getting any at-bats.  The 1980s Bob Gibson played four years for the former American League Milwaukee Brewers and one game with the Mets.

Phil Niekro (260 hits) batted .169 and had 50 extra-base hits (42 2B, 1 3B and 7 HR).  I will need to find out about that one triple in 1975, his 12th season.

Jim Kaat (232 hits) played 25 seasons.  He had 65 extra base hits (44 2B, 5 3B and 16 HR) while batting .185.  He hit his first home run in 1962 before I was born and his last home run 18 years later.  Due to the DH he only had 44 hits in his last 11 years, most of which were played in the American League.

Claude Osteen (207 hits) batted .188 with 45 extra-base hits (31 2B, 6 3B and 8 HR).  I had no idea that he began playing as far back as 1957.

Tom Seaver (202 hits) batted .154 with 45 extra-base hits (28 2B, 5 3B and 12 HR).  I remember watching him win two games on one day in 1984.  "You can look it up" if you don't believe me.  So, I either quoted James Thurber or Casey Stengel just now.  I'll go with Stengel for obvious reasons.    

Juan Marichal (202 hits) batted .165 with 35 extra-base hits (29 2B, 2 3B and 4 HR).  If you never got to see him pitch I suggest finding a video and watching his powerful pitching technique.

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