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Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First and Last Players on the Kellogg's Alphabetical List - 1970 to 1983

David Aardsma and Dutch Zwilling are the first and last players respectively on the MLB database that I use regularly.  Neither played during in the 1969 -1982 era that had Kellogg's cards.

The first player alphabetically in the Kellogg's  regular-issue sets is Tommy Agee.  He appeared in both 1970 and 1971.  Agee should have done something to get one more career hit as he ended his career with 999 hits.

Hank Aaron appeared in a later All-Star set, but not from 1970 - 1983.  He is the first player on the alphabetical list to play during the Kellogg's era but not get on a regular-issue card.

Richie Zisk was shown during three different years by Kellogg's.  He appeared with the Pirates in 1975, the Rangers in 1979 and the Mariners in 1982.    He is one of 11 players to show up on a Kellogg's card for at least three different teams.  More on that in a future post.

He had his best season in 1977 with the White Sox team that was dubbed the "South Side Hitmen".  He had his highest home run (30) and RBI (101) season with the White Sox before moving on to Texas the next year.  That switch of teams might have been the reason he didn't appear on a 1978 Kellogg's card.

Paul Zuvella made his debut on 09-04-1982.  He is the only player alphabetically after Zisk to play during the Kellogg's years, but he certainly had no time to get himself into the final regular set in 1983.

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