Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, October 23, 2016

1970 Rose PSAs- Topps vs. Kellogg's

I wanted to see how many 1970 Pete Rose cards were graded by PSA.  This Kellogg's card is a Mint 9.

For 1970 Kellogg's Rose, the PSA's population report shows 387 9's, 58 10's and 756 total cards graded.

For 1970 Topps Rose, the PSA population report shows 99 9's, 13 10's and 2,022 total cards graded.

For the 1970 Topps Rose All-Star card, the PSA population report shows 9 9's, 0 10's and 523 total cards graded.

Of 175,515 cards graded in the 1970 Topps set, only 2,110 got grades of 10.  That's 1.2 percent.

For Kellogg's cards 4,182 got grades of 10 out of 28,822.  That's 14.5 percent.  Quite a difference from the Topps cards.

Why are there more Kellogg's cards getting 10s? Is it the borders, the lasting colors, the unopened packs and sets that were opened later?  What else?


  1. This is surprising to me because I recall mine slightly curling over time and many times cracking. I'll admit I didn't store them well, this was in the early 70s when I saved em. I just stacked 'em in a drawer.

  2. I bought the 1970's Kellogs set through the mail in either 71 or 72. I've kept them in a small cardboard box ever since. Never put them in pages or card sleeves. They have never reall been out for any amount of time. They have slight curl no cracks. When I look through them I could see all getting grades of 9 or 10. They look perfect. Just don't feel like dropping the money for grading. How do they hold up once there encased

  3. I still can't send a card either. I guess it would only matter if I were selling them.