Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, October 16, 2016

How Does Everyone Find Time to Sort Cards?

I don't like starting something that I can't finish.  I've gotten some cards over the past three months that I haven't sorted.  This usually starts after my trip to the National in August.  Whatever I get there sits in a pile that grows slightly until late December when I get some time off from school.

Kellogg's sets are small, but I'm quite concerned with leaving them out since they can still crack and curl I guess no matter how long they've resisted both of those.

I'm looking forward to completing some Kellogg's sets, upgrading some cards from the older sets and creating a few want lists so that I can maybe start making trades.  I hope to have time for that in a few months.

I've also found that the thinner Kellogg's cards are much slower for me to sort than Topps cards.  My kids are also not interested in helping me with this.  Even if they were, I'd be worried about my cards having Doritos or Oreo residue all over them.

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  1. Your not alone. Have piles and partially filled pages all over my table