Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Monday, October 3, 2016

Players With More Post-Season Homers Than Regular Season Homers

Only three players have had more career post-season homers than regular season homers.  One was Joe Blanton who hit a World Series homer in 2008.

Who are the other two and why do I care?  First, I've been spending time keeping my database analysis skills strong by coming up with odd questions like this.  I get this all from combining Sean Lahman baseball data with Kellogg's data.  I've added two tables to the Lahman tables.  The first table lists all players with a Kellogg's card.  The second table lists every Kellogg's card.

The answer is not Ozzie Smith or others who hit a homer during the playoffs without hitting one during that regular season.  This is more narrow.  I'm looking for the two other players who hit more post-season homers than regular-season homers in their careers.

Nolan Ryan is also not the correct answer.  However, I did learn that Nolan Ryan has more career playoff hits (3) than playoff wins (2).   

Both players that I'm looking for managed to also get at least one Kellogg's card.  Hint - no old-timers like the ones from the last question.  

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