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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Are You Sad That Ron Santo and Ernie Banks Missed the Cubs Making the World Series?

I've always admired the passion that Banks and Santo had for the Cubs.  They were both involved with the organization for most of their lives.  Both passed away in recent years.  I'm sure there will be many news stories about how they missed out on the Cubs making the World Series.

It certainly would have been great television to see Banks and Santo being interviewed after the game.  While many of us loved those players, our relationship with them was not the same as how we enjoyed the Cubs with our friends, co-workers and relatives.  My first thoughts when the game ended were not elation.  Instead, I thought about the family and friends that I've enjoyed Cub games since LBJ was president.

My brother passed away over a year ago.  He is the primary reason that I became a Cub fan when most of my family, friends and neighbors on the Southside were Sox fans.  It's not just that I wanted him to experience a World Series.  I would want him to experience this moment - with me.    


  1. Harry Caray also comes to mind. Congratulations on the Cubs making it to the big show. I jumped on this bandwagon as soon as my Mets crapped out. So sorry for the loss of your brother. I've lost an older brother so I can relate.

    Sharing the experience: I bet your brother would feel the same way as you do so you can rest assured he'll be with you in spirit.

    GO CUBS!!!!

  2. I never considered Harry because I actually thought he was a better announcer with the White Sox and Jimmy Piersall. He also spent a long time as a St. Louis announcer.