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Kelloggs Cards

Monday, August 1, 2016

1970 Kellogg's Card Backs #70 - #72 - Can Anyone Join McLain's Band

Here are the next three bios from Kellogg's 1970 baseball card set.  This trio includes two Hall of Famers.  Two of the players have names that aren't unique in MLB history.  Morgan actually played at the same time as the "other" Joe Morgan.

#72 Joe Morgan - he's still an Astro in this card.  Most remember him as a part of the Big Red Machine.  Morgan tied a record with six hits in six at-bats in 1965.  Of course all Cub fans know that Rennie Stennett topped that by one against the Cubs and the Reuschel brothers and a few other pitchers.

#71 Bob Gibson - his hobby is music.  Maybe he can join McLain in the band.  I didn't know his nickname was Hoot. confirmed his nicknames as Hoot or Gibby.

His ERA of 1.12 in 1968 was an MLB record for a season with at least 300 innings pitched.

#70 Wally Bunker - before I got this card, my most memorable Bunker item was his 1970 Topp Story Book.  I think he was the only one in the set that I didn't know already.

Bunker's hobby is listed as Guitar.  The band is getting going here.  That's three of the last six cards in the set.  The trio needs a vocalist.

He ended up with the Royals through the 1968 Expansion Draft.  That's also three of the last six cards in the set.  He was selected 25th compared to the other two who were drafted second and third.  Why was he drafted so low?  He struggled with arm trouble in the late 1960s in an era when it was more difficult to diagnose specific problems.  His career ended in early 1971 at age 26.

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