Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The A's Have the Most Players Who Only Appeared on One Kellogg's Card

The Athletics were a good team throughout most of the years that Kellogg's made card sets.  Does that explain how Kellogg's managed to get the following players into their sets?

Sal Bando got onto three Kellogg's cards with the A's.

1970 John Odom

1971 Felipe Alou

1971 Chuck Dobson

1974 Ken Holtzman - one of my favorite Cubs.  How did he not get another card?  I just noticed his high school in St. Louis.  I've coached at that school.

1976 Paul Lindblad

1978 Mitchell Page

1979 Mario Guerrero

1979 John Henry Johnson

1980 Jeff Newman

1981 Rick Langford

1982 Tony Armas - how did they miss him in 1981 and 1983?  He was a star.
1982 Dwayne Murphy

1982 Mike Norris - how did they miss him in 1981?

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