Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

National Update #3 - This Is The Best Kellogg's Item Seen At the Show

Bob, who was working at the booth with the Japanese cards, mentioned to me that he saw some kind of uncut sheet of Kellogg's cards near his booth.  So after checking around for a while I found it.  Here it is.

There are 15 cards on the proof sheet.  This sheet is in amazing condition.  The colors are bright and the nine cards that I see are free of cracks.  I'm not sure about the other six cards.    

Three of the cards are hidden on the top and three are hidden on the bottom.  Since the sheet was firmly attached to the cardboard it wasn't easy to tell who the other cards were on this sheet.  I also couldn't check to see which print run this proof set was from either. 

Let's check out the number pattern of the visible cards.  

Top Row - ?? 4-9-14
Second Row - Aparicio, Siebert, Cain 19-24-29
Third Row - Epstein, Fosse, Kaline 34-39-44
Fourth Row - Cuellar, Johnson, McNally 49-54-59
Bottom Row - ?? 64-69-74

If the pattern is followed the top row would be B. Robertson, D. Kessinger, F. Howard and the bottom row would be J. Fregosi, T. Horton, T. John.  Not the best group of players, but a great sheet.

Why didn't I purchase this sheet?  I'm mostly in the market for inexpensive items and this was a bit out of my league.  If you are interested in this here is the e-mail of the dealer who had it for sale - Dave Czuba can be reached at  


  1. That is pretty cool. I've never seen an uncut Kellogg's 3-D sheet.

  2. Look closely at the background of my page. That is a sheet that contains two 1973 sets. I bought that last year. Unfortunately, it is just a regular uncut sheet and not a proof sheet.

    I also have a 1971 Kellogg's Football sheet, which also isn't a proof sheet.

    I've got lots of pictures of uncut sheets from an auction two years ago. I wish I could have afforded to buy a few more of them