Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Where are the 1994 Clementes? More Thoughts

I still don't see any of these 1994 Roberto Clemente cards that Kellogg's issued in Puerto Rico?  Since I've been checking out PSA for other things lately I decided to get some PSA stats on these three cards.

Only four of these cards have been graded by PSA.  Are these cards anywhere to be found?

When PSA advertising was new in 1989 I remember a full-page ad that showed dozens of 1989 Donruss Craig Biggio cards encased after grading.  My first thought was that this was ridiculous since the card was going for about 10 cents.  No one could be paying for that card to be graded, right?

Back to Biggio.  Sure he had a great career.  I went to check that card.   1,711 of them have been graded with 511 of them being a 10.  The card can be bought for a little more than the grading cost and an entire case of 20 wax boxes still costs much less than its retail price in 1989.

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