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Kelloggs Cards

Friday, September 16, 2016

Heading to Chillicothe IL Tomorrow - Don't Pity Me

Tomorrow morning I will be driving through, and possible stopping, in Chillicothe, Illinois.

The town has had two MLB players - Bill Krieg (1884-1887) and Zach McAllister (2011-20116).  How's that for a time between having major leaguers?

Someone from Chillicothe is more known that both of those two guys.  Lance Legault was best known for his role as Colonel Decker who kept trying to capture the A-team.  I liked him more as Colonel Greene on one of my favorite shows - Magnum P.I.

Back to the A-team.  Let's see who are the best players on a Kellogg's card with a last name beginning with the letter 'A'.

Hank Aaron
Tommie Agee
Dick Allen
Neil Allen
Bill Almon
Matty Alou
Felipe Alou
Joaquin Andujar
Luis Aparicio
Tony Armas

We've got ten players, so fielding a team might be a challenge.

Let Aparicio lead off and play shortstop.

Tommie Agee needs to be in the outfield since he never played a game in the infield.  I will put him in center field.

Hank Aaron will bat third and play second base.  What?  He did play 43 games there, which is better than putting Agee or a lefty like Matty Alou there.

Dick Allen will be at third base.  Hopefully Aaron could keep Allen in control.

Tony Armas will play first base.

Matty Alou will play left field.

Felipe Alou will play right field.

Billy Almon played one game at catcher.  I'm sure he is qualified because he's played all infield and outfield positions and he was a number one draft pick.

Joaquin Andujar will start at pitcher.  Neil Allen will be in the bullpen.

I didn't think that would work but it did.

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