Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Yesterday Was Fun So How About a Team With The Letter "B"

There are probably more players with Kellogg's Baseball cards whose last names begin with "B" than those I found with "A".  I found 38 names to choose from so here goes.

Lou Brock will lead off and play center field.

George Brett will play third base.

Ernie Banks will play shortstop.

Johnny Bench will be the catcher.

Bobby Bonds will play right field.

Dusty Baker and Don Baylor will share first base since neither played there much and I used to always get them confused when I was a kid.

A young Bill Buckner will play left field.

Glenn Beckert will be at second base.  I am definitely taking this Cub.

Bert Blyleven will be the pitcher.

I could have probably created a team with first and last names beginning with "B'.  Maybe next time.

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