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Kelloggs Cards

Saturday, September 24, 2016

I Didn't Know This About Gary Nolan

In 1967 Gary Nolan recorded over 200 strikeouts.  He became only the second pitcher to do so while still a teenager.  Bob Feller managed to do this first.

Reading this made me want to find out if other players have done that since Gary Nolan did.  I also wondered who got close to 200 K's while still a teen.  That means more fun using the Sean Lahman database.

I found out that this stat is only from 1900 on.  There were some occurrences before that.  One player has managed that since Nolan.  Can you name this player?  Hint - his MLB career began after Kellogg's got out of the annual set business.

Another player managed to do this at the age of 20.  Can you name this guy who did get into some Kellogg's sets?

Larry Dierker managed 109 strikeouts at the age of 19.  Catfish Hunter and Don Gullett surpassed 100 Ks at the age of 20.


  1. I gotta think the guy who did it as a teen was Doc Gooden.

    Great article about Gary Nolan: Nolan was one of Frank Jobe's first baseball patients.