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Thursday, September 8, 2016

NL Rookies of the Year - Did They Get in the Next Kellogg's Baseball Card Set?

Here are the winners on the Rookie of the Year Award in the NL from 1969 to 1982.

1969 - Ted Sizemore
1970 - Carl Morton
1971 - Earl Williams
1972 - Jon Matlack
1973 - Gary Matthews
1974 - Bake McBride
1975 - John Montefusco
1976 - Butch Metzger, Pat Zachry
1977 - Andre Dawson
1978 - Bob Horner
1979 - Rick Sutcliffe
1980 - Steve Howe
1981 - Fernando Valenzuela
1982 - Steve Sax

Ted Sizemore and Earl Williams never got onto a Kellogg's baseball card.

Carl Morton got into the 1971 set after his rookie season.  He didn't get into another set.

Jon Matlack got into the 1973 set and three other sets.

Gary Matthews didn't get in after his rookie year but he was in the 1980 set.

Bake McBride was in the 1975 set and one other Kellogg's set.

John Montefusco didn't get into the set after his rookie year, but he was in the 1977 set.

Neither Metzger or Zachry got into the set after their rookie year but Zachry got a 1979 card.

Andre Dawson never got a Kellogg's card.

Andre Dawson never got a Kellogg's card.  Really?  Really?

Horner didn't get into the 1979 set but he was in the 1981 - 1983 sets.

Rick Sutcliffe, Steve Howe and Steve Sax were bypassed for Kellogg's sets but Fernando Valenzuela was included in the last two sets.  Please don't remind me about how many of these winners were Dodgers.

Only four of the 15 winners (a tie on year) got onto a Kellogg's baseball card the next year.  Seven of the winners never got onto a Kellogg's card.

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