Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sports Collectors Daily - 1971 Kellogg's Set Story

I found this story on

Sports Collectors Daily - 1971 Kellogg's Baseball Cards

This set is frequently mentioned for a few reasons.  First, the cards were never issued as a factory set so the set had to be assembled one card at a time.  Second, these cards tend to crack easily so finding nice ones is difficult.

PSA has graded over 11,000 cards and 1,000 of them are 10s.  Another 4,400 are 9s.  Oddly, ever card has been graded more than 100 times when variations are included.

This is a lot less than the 1970 totals where nearly 29,000 cards have been graded.

Some of the lesser-known stars seem to be graded at a higher rate than other players.  I may look into where they appeared on the sheet to see if that impacts the grades.

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