Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Off to Indiana Tomorrow

I'm heading to Indiana.  I did a quick search to find out how many Indiana natives found their way onto a Kellogg's baseball card.  I thought that there would be a lot, but it turns out that they're a small bunch of four.  I hope my English teachers appreciate the grammar above even if it isn't great.

Tommy John appeared on three Kellogg's cards.  He was born in Terre Haute which I go to frequently for cross country meets.

Steve Hargan is from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I drove through there recently and found a great sign with my family's name.

Dick Dietz is from Crawfordsville, home of Wabash College.  I've been there a few times for track meets.

Paul Splittorff is from Evansville.  I think we are headed there at the end of the cross country season.

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  1. Very odd to see Tommy John as a Yankee on a Kellogg's card. Never knew such a thing.