Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, May 29, 2016

1983 Kellogg's Card Backs #10-18 - Topps Didn't Leave Blank Lines Did They?

What's next with the stories on the back of these Kellogg's cards.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.

Quite a variety of hobbies in this group including motorcyles, art, fashion, music, reading, golf and sports.

#18 - Bill Madlock

Like George Hendrick's cards, Madlock's has a blank line in the middle of the stats because he was traded mid-season.  He nearly won his fourth batting title in 1982.  He was a longshot who made it.  

#17 - Garry Templeton

He hit a career-worst .247.  He is intent on "rediscovering his skills in 1983".  How would his friends and fans like to read that one.

#16 - Harold Baines

Bill Veeck makes it onto another card.  He discovered Baines when Harold was a 12-year-old in Little League.

#15 - Dave Winfield

George Steinbrenner is mentioned as is Winfield's 23-million dollar contract.

#14 - Robin Yount

Yount led the league in almost everything, but one Canadian writer kept him from being a unanimous MVP by voting him fourth.

#13 - Jim Rice

Not much other than the facts about Rice's success.

#12 - Buddy Bell

Bell keeps getting better as the team keeps getting worse.  The Rangers have yet to make the playofss.

#11 - Eddie Murray

The Orioles are already worrying about re-signing him after the 1985 season.

Not on the card - he stayed with Baltimore through the 1988 season.

#10 - Rich Gossage

Steinbrenner is mentioned twice in the article.  Gossage was a starter with the White Sox in 1976 and that was a disaster.

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