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Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, May 26, 2016

1983 Kellogg's Card Backs #37-45 - Rock Stars?

Nine more with some interesting comments.  Since the front has only the last name (Harrah) and the bold name on the back is their given name (Colbert Dale Harrah), one must read the text to find out the name of some players (Toby).  I'm not a fan of that.  

#45 - Steve Carlton

Carlton won his record fourth Cy Young Award in 1982.

#44 - Toby Harrah

He listed motorcycles as a hobby.  He might not have had a clause in his contract about that hobby but today's players certainly would have a clause like that to protect the team.

#43 - Britt Burns

A newspaper story about then high-school ace Britt Burns got passed along to Bill Veeck by a long-time friend.

Not on the card - odd that he's next to a motorcycle enthusiast.  I heard Burns got injured falling off of a stationary bicycle.

#42 - Larry Gura

Nothing of note on this card.  When traded to Texas he never got into a game.  On think that the same thing was mentioned on his 1981 card.

#41 - Floyd Bannister

He's pictured as a Mariner but the back shows him as a member of the White Sox.  The bio questions why 16 teams would try to sign him as a free agent when he never had a winning season as a pitcher.  The rationale - he struck out lots of guys and he pitched on bad teams.  He was the first player drafted in 1976.

#40 - Lance Parrish

He turned down a football scholarship to UCLA.  The Tigers signed him as a third basemen.  He spent one off-season as a bodyguard for rock star Tina Turner.   Where was Ike that winter?

#39 - Jim Palmer

The only game Jim would like to have back is season's final game where he lost to Don Sutton and the Brewers who then advanced to the playoffs and World Series.

Not on the card - the Brewers and Orioles had 94 wins going into that last game against each other.  Palmer gave up four run in five innings as the Brewers won 10-2.

#38 - Jim Sundberg

"Call Scotland Yard.  There is a mystery to be solved.  ".  The card asks why Sundberg has been named an all-star only once when he's got six Gold Gloves.  At the end of the story it says "Sundberg is still waiting for his second invitation."

Not on the card - he was an all-star as a rookie in 1974 and he did get the nod again in 1984 as a Brewer.  He didn't win another Gold Glove since Bob Boone moved to the AL and Lance Parrish won a few with the Tigers.

#37 - Bruce Sutter

He had 194 saves in his first six seasons.  He was the winning pitcher in the 1978 and 1979 All-Star Games.  He also picked up the Save in 1980 and 1981.

Five guys from this group listed hunting as a hobby.

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