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Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, May 5, 2016

I Could Find Something New About Cobb, Ruth and Gehrig For Almost Any Day of the Year

When searching for something to include I always find stuff about Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth.  Cy Young is another one who I see often in the blurbs that I find.  Once I'm through with school I will spend more time on the actual cards.  I've gotten a few new ones to show but I'm so busy with teaching and coaching that I don't get everything done.

Cobb appeared twice in the archives on this day.  In 1925 he went 6-for-6 in a game with 3 HRs and 16 total bases.  That's great, but that doesn't surprise me.  What does surprise me is what he did on this day in 1922.  On that day, Bob Fothergill became the only person to pinch-hit for Ty Cobb.

It's amazing to think that this guy pinch-hit for Cobb.  So what if he struck out.  He had over 1,000 career hits but not many before this game since his debut was just a few weeks earlier.

There's more.  Not only was this guy the only one to pinch-hit for Cobb, the manager that decided to put Fothergill in the game was Detroit manager Ty Cobb.   Baseball sure was interesting in those days.

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  1. Pinch hit for Ty Cobb . . . what on earth? In Cobb's defense, he only hit .401 that year.