Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I Need More Help With Kellogg's Cards From Japan

So far I've picked up a few Kellogg's baseball cards from Japan.  All are in the original wrapper.  Now I've got to get some from each year that they were issued.  Here are the years that I've purchased so far.

Since I don't collect new cards much, I will need to do some research to see if Upper Deck and Topps used the same cards from their regular sets and put them in the Kellogg's sets.  That project will need to wait until school is out.

2007 Kellogg's  - Upper Deck

The 2007 issue is shown below.  I like how the name is encased in a banner.   I like the vertical border better than the 2008 border shown below. 

2008 Kellogg's - Upper Deck 

The 2008 issue moved the dark border to the top and bottom of the card.  The player name is larger but I think it is not bright enough.  

2010 Kellogg's  - Topps

These cards look a lot like a Topps insert card from a few years ago.  I don't collect newer cards enough to know what year that was.  I do like the design of these cards.  

Sometime soon I will show the backs of the cards.  Maybe someday I will even get the translation.  If is the same as their regular-issue card then it won't matter I guess.

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