Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Friday, May 27, 2016

1983 Kellogg's Card Backs #28-36 - A Relief Pitcher Walks Into a Bar....

He we go again.  I want to finish this set off.  I like the randomness of the stories listed on the back of these 1983 Kellogg's cards.

Lots of hunting, fishing and sports for hobbies on this page.  A few others will be mentioned below.

#36 - Dave Stieb

The sporting news named him the AL's Pitcher of the Year, but he didn't win the Cy Young Award.

#35 - Jack Morris

He signed a long-term deal with the Tigers and management apparently wants him to retire in a Tiger uniform.

Not on the card - He eventually signed as a free agent with the Twins late in his career.

#34 - Neil Allen

He was on the verge of being demoted to the minors when he inherited the closer role due to an injury.

Not on the card - he never made an All-Star team.  Shouldn't that have kept him from getting a Kelloggg's card?

#33 - Len Barker

He threw the 11th perfect game in baseball history in 1981.

#32 - Dan Quisenberry

At least on the back of the card his name is spelled correctly.  An injury in college turned him into a side-arm pitcher.  That was good since he didn't have a major-league fastball.

He listed stand-up comedy as his hobby.

#31 - Nolan Ryan

Nothing out of the ordinary.  It mentioned that he's thrown five no-hitters.

Not on the card - two more no-hitters and one big hit on Robin Ventura.

#30 - Lonnie Smith

Another mention of Cardinal GM Whitey Herzog and his desire to trade for Smith.

#29 - Don Baylor

Baylor is pictured as an Angel but the back mentions his signing with the Yankees.  The Yankees logo is also displayed on the back.

Has anyone read his poetry?  He listed it as a hobby.

#28 - Cecil Cooper

He's been close to winning an MVP award.  Someday he'll win one.

Not on the card - in 1983 he was fifth in the MVP voting.  He didn't get any more votes in the years after that.

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  1. Don Baylor the poet? That's hilarious. He didn't seem like the sensitive type. I wonder what Quisenberry's stand-up was like? I remember reading about Len Barker's perfect game on the paper route.