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Kelloggs Cards

Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Friends and I Use Homers and Strikeouts to Determine Someone's Age

When I was born Roger Maris held the record for homers in a season.  Sure that could make me a wide range of ages since Maris held the record for a long time.  What makes it fun is that a few of my friends who are a few years older than me were born before Maris broke the record.  So, when I introduce them to baseball fans it is fun to say "I'm not saying Tony is old, but when he was born Babe Ruth held the record for homers in a season".  My parents were born with Ruth as the record holder so my friend is definitely old.

My kids were born with McGwire and then Bonds as the record holders.

What about strikeouts.  When I was born the record for strikeouts in a game was 18 by Bob Feller and Sandy Koufax (twice).  Don Wilson also notched 18 K's later.

I vaguely remember Steve Carlton getting the record to 19 in 1969.  I really remember when Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan joined him a few years later.

Roger Clemens (twice), Kerry Wood and Randy Johnson bumped that number to 20.  I don't remember this, but five Dodger pitchers combined for 20 K's in 2012.  Max Scherzer matched them yesterday.

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