Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Sunday, July 24, 2016

1982 Kellogg's Card Backs #01 - #09 - What is in a Name?

The writers for the 1982 Kellogg's baseball card set did a great job with the card backs.  Let's see how they did with the first nine cards.

Hobbies - Tom Seaver mentioned bridge and George Brett mentioned surfing and horses.

#09 Fernando Valenzuela - in the short season he batted .250, drove in seven runs and had two game-winning hits.  Everyone has heard plenty about his pitching.

not on the card - he batted .200 for his career with 10 homers and 84 RBIs.

#08 Tom Seaver - Valenzuela's battle with Seaver for the Cy Young Award is mentioned.

#07 Rollie Fingers - "his ability to get people out is an unchanging as his famous handlebar mustache".  His 272 saves is an all-time record.

not on the card - he pitched 78 innings in 48 games.  Today's closers tend to do one inning per appearance.

#06 Ozzie Smith - he is shown as a Padre but the back reflects his trade to St. Louis.  He proved to be difficult to sign for Cardinals GM Whitey Herzog.  He is one of 10 Smiths in the NL.  Can you name them at this time?

not on the card - Whitey Herzog sure is mentioned on a lot of cards.  I'm going to track who is mentioned totals someday.

#05 Jack Morris - basic stats in the bio.  His "wicked slider" and 94-mph fastball challenge hitters.

#04 Rickey Henderson - the card starts with "Some are calling him the next Willie Mays".  He finished second to Fingers in the 1981 MVP voting.

#03 George Brett - when general managers around the league were polled to find out who they'd want to build a franchise around, the answer was George Brett.

#02 Bill Buckner - he's been the toughest batter to strike out in the NL in the last five years.  He had a career high in RBIs with 75 even with the strike-shortened season.

#01 Richie Zisk - he found the Texas winds to blow in and foul.  He should like the Seattle ballpark and finally find a permanent home after switching teams frequently.

not on the card - his career did end with Seattle, but he was only 34 at the time of his retirement.

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