Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Hopes for the National Card Show

I usually spend more than one day at the National but this year one day is all I've got planned.  I rarely find much there in terms of Kellogg's cards.  In the past I've picked up lots of cheap 1980s stars, a 1971 Football set and the Babe Ruth display from 1972 (or 1970?) that I'd always wanted.

My big goals this year and the challenges with that goal.

1.  Find the few 1972 and 1973 Unopened Kellogg's cards that I need.  I've never seen anyone with more than a few unopened packs at any show.

2.  Find a few of the six-card packs from 1970 that I don't have.  I'm trying to get a pack with each of the 75 cards on top.  I think I've gotten around 40 so far.  These do show up at least since dealers can make some money off of them.  Prices vary greatly.  I doubt that I'll be buying the Clemente that I need.

3.  Find any factory sets that I need.  I've got 1978 - 1983 and 1973.  I don't see these at all either.

4.  Any cereal boxes or other advertising card that I don't have.

5.  Any Japanese Kellogg's baseball cards that I need.

I don't own this box, but I saw it was for sale a few months ago.

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