Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

1982 Kellogg's Card Backs #37 - #45

Time to look at the next nine cards from the 1982 Kellogg's Baseball card set.

It' all American League on this page with two Tigers, two Red Sox, three Angels, an Indian and an Oriole.

Hobbies listed for this group - sports (4), hunting and fishing (2), golf (2), billiards (1), basketball (1) and running (1).  It was a surprise to see Kirk Gibson mentioned running.  Why?  He doesn't look like a runner and he played college football.

#45 Dwight Evans - he was on a pace for big career high marks but the strike ruined that.  He won his fourth Gold Glove in six years.

#44 Rick Burleson - he just completed his first season in California after being traded from Boston for Carney Lansford.  He made three errors in his MLB debut.

Not on the card - Lansford's card appears directly above Burleson's on the nine-pocket sheet.

#43 Carl Yastrzemski - not as much text since he's already played for 21 seasons.  His stats are divided into two columns so the text is only below his stats.  No one else in the set has that format for the card back.

#42 Jim Palmer - after his second losing season in 16 years, Palmer said he is ready to accept the role of relief pitcher if that's where the team needs him.

Not on the card - from 1982 to 1984 he made only nine relief appearances.  

#41 Carney Lansford - he won the batting title away from Brett and Carew who combined to win eight of the previous nine titles.  He could be "the next Buddy Bell".

Not on the card - at age 32 shows his stats as most similar to Buddy Bell.  For his career he's compared most to Bill Madlock.  Lansford had over 2,000 hits - that surprised me.

#40 Kirk Gibson - "a thoroughbred athlete at Michigan State he was an All-American wide receiver".

#39 Steve Kemp - shown on the back is the White Sox logo but he's in his Tigers uniform in the picture.  The trade was not a surprise to many since Kemp won an arbitration case against Detroit after the 1980 season.

#38 Bobby Grich - had the timing of "an Acapulco cliff diver" by having his best years when his contract was ending.  

#37 Len Barker - he threw the 11th perfect game in baseball history in 1981.  He led the league in strikeouts twice.

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  1. Yeah, Lansford played all the way into the 90s, starting on the A's teams of Canseco and McGwire vintage.