Kelloggs Cards

Kelloggs Cards

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Favorite Kellogg's Sets - Why I Love the 1980 Set

I've covered the 1970s and now I will cover the 1980s before I rank the sets.

The 1980 set has great coloring, but like lots of the Kellogg's sets, the color can fade and look dull if not protected.

I've seen a lot less curling in the 1980 sets probably due to the smaller size.  I prefer the slightly larger Kellogg's cards to these thinner ones.

Player selection in 1980 starts well with 20 Hall of Famers and Pete Rose.  My quick count could be off by one or two on that.  Lots of stars who are short of Hall of Fame careers too  - Garvey, Lynn, Hernandez, etc.

Oddly, Kellogg's took no chances on Rookies from 1979.  John Castino and Rick Sutcliffe won the awards and no players who got votes got into this set.  Sutcliffe was 17-10, probably enough to get into the set but no other rookies had strong seasons.


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